Winter is finally here, and its Nuclear! Nuclear Winter is a brand new in game event that will usher in the new year, with enemies that burn with Radiation! Fight off Hellbugs, Raiders, Mutants and Plaguers, who are all out to poison you with toxic radiation attacks.

Finish the daily and weekly contracts to get your weekly reward. The reward will contain a guaranteed Legendary U-238 weapon and an epic mod with the chance to be legendary (chance at a jackpot weapon).

A new pursuit has been added called "Imposed Half-Life". Complete this pursuit during the Nuclear Winter event to receive a special reward: 35 inventory slots and the title "Radioactive". Inventory slots will increase beyond the current cap!


Isotropic Decay
[1] +17% Accuracy and -17% Recoil
[2] -17% Reload
[3] +17% Crit Mult
[4] +17% Damage

Included weapon types: Assault Rifle, Bolt Action Repeater, HP-6 Wolfhound, SMG, PS-30 Slugger, SAW, and Quick Repeater

Chance at one of 8 all new jackpots (one special charge blade). These Jackpot weapons will have BRAND NEW SKIN TEXTURES. These skins have never before been seen:

ALL U-238 manufactured weapons (dropping from both the event and lock boxes) will have an additional effect: +10% additional armor penetration and nano-effect chance! This is in addition to the synergy and bonuses.

  • VBI SMG and variants: Crit mult increased to 2 (from 1.5)
  • VBI SMG and variants: Aim and hip accuracy improved
  • All Semi-auto sniper rifle damage increased by 12%
  • FRC Bolt Action Repeater damage increased by 65%
  • VBI Sniper Rifle damage increased by 52%
  • Volge Lightning Rifle damage increased by 52%
  • VOT Bolter damage increased by 53%
  • VBI Assault Rifle and variants: Aim and hip accuracy improved


Atomic Pack:
  • U-238 TACC Assault Rifle (with the brand new jackpot skin)
  • Radiation Ironclad Fortifier IV EX
  • CDC Eradicator outfit and headgear,
  • Biohazard Trooper Helmet
  • The “Atomic” title