Hello everyone! My name Nick Montag, or more commonly known by my YouTube name and online name Montage. I have been looking forward to Defiance for a VERY long time. I have always preferred console gaming over PC as most of my friends are on Xbox. Defiance being one of the first MMOs for Console and the first non-pay to play MMO. I knew it would be amazing, which it is! A little on me: I am a YouTuber apart of the Yeousch community that has been making videos for a while now. I was thinking since I enjoy my audience of my videos and always wanted to directly play with people which I do occasionally why not start a clan on Defiance! Now whether or not you want to subscribe to me or follower me that is on your own time im not going to ask you to do that. What I wanted to do was make a huge clan which I will be buying clan XP/Scripe boost consistently on the weekends (or that is the plan at least.) I will be making several YouTube videos advertising the clan and videos focusing on some of the community games I have planned for the clan (which exactly what they are I will release later.) In hope that the we get to meet one another and have an all out good time doing so.

My vision for the clan:
- Become big, VERY BIG!
- Everyone participate in Community events me and the officers plan and have a great time! (and suggestions from the community is totally allowed as well!)
- On some weekends plan a clan XP/Scrip/loot boost weekends for everyone to go out and go hard questing and doing Arkfalls as well as other modes offered in the game.
- Have sub groups in the clan to make up PvP groups as well as some jolly good cooperation groups
- Have everyone be featured on some videos!

- You will have to send me a message on Xbox or on here (preferably Xbox) and I will send you a clan Invite, simple as that!.

- We are called the Infected Raiders because I think the Infector gun type is a really cool concept! So with that said I think it would be very awesome if everyone could use infectors for the majority of the time. However if Infectors aren't your thing and you hate em' by all means don't use one I want everyone to have a good time and it's not like you will be kicked out for not using one.
- Making a subgroup and why to do it. Subgroups like I said above will have co-op groups and PvP Groups. I had an idea to subgroups have certain subgroups compete against each other for possible prizes! For instance I could have a clan pvp tournament and if you have a subgroup dedicated to that then you would have a great edge over others! Or perhaps a co-op subgroup time trial event with the clan where you which 4 man group can finish a certain co-op mission in the fastest time. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you all for reading and tell me what you all think! Possibly if you would like to join!