Hello there
As you can tell im looking for a clan but first some facts about me
>Im no casual but im not a heavy casher patron pass is most ill buy and not always
> atm im 4200 ego been playing 2 weeks and 2 days
> i have headset
> i play a game with the intent to know everything atm i may still have noob questions (not many) and in the futer i plan to teach the next generation
>i am a blunt person if i have a problem with someone/something ill say it and i expect the same in return
> although a serious player im a chill dude
> will never beg for stuff but appritiates hand me downs and/or cheap deals

Now as for what im looking for in a clan........
> must be active and by that i meen full of people who play for hours a day. Not daily do's and weekend warriors
> people who use headsets and the clan chat feature not just names on a roster
>a strict "inactive for X amount of days =kick" policy
>at least lvl6+ in clan bonus's

Im not ready to leave my clan just yet as they have taught me alot (but to inactive/quiet)
Feel free to pm me here on forums or chat me up ingame