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    Warriors Ethos Clan???

    Does anyone know what happened to the Warriors Ethos Clan?? I was a member of that clan...but have not played in some time. When a played Defiance yesterday I saw no one was active in the clan anymore.
    Does anyone know what happened?

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    I know what happen the founder left first then all different clanny start going there own way.
    He went to Xbox one then they was going 2 bring someone outside of clan 2 run. But that sum up a few events hit me if you have more questions.

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    We are very active n still growing strong...we do in clan events ran by the clan leader...

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    Still active on xbox 1?

    Looking for old clanmates from the Warrior Ethos clan. Thought I saw one the other day on defiance 2050.

    Xbox One Defiance 2050

    Gamertag: SlyGabby1996
    Character Name: SlyGabby

    Old Character on Xbox 360 Defiance:
    Nathan Johnson-Andrews

    Edit: I think the clan changed their name to "The Acad3my" on Old Defiance.

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