• The Jackpot Chip and Rig in the Cyber Rig Supply Crate have been changed!
  • The new Cyber Rig Lockbox, "Nanophagus Cyber Rig Supply Crate" is now available on the Bit Store for a limited time!
  • It contains 1 epic or better Overclocked Cyber Rig, 1 Epic+ Cyber Chip, 2 Rare+ Cyber Chips and is guaranteed to have a Premium Currency reward (Arkforge, Hunter Requisitions, Chip Pullers, or Ark Keys).
  • It also has a rare chance to win the jackpot Nano-Specialist keystone Cyber Chip or Nanophagus Cyber Rig!

Nanophagus Cyber Rig
  • [70] Perforator
  • +10% Armor Penetration
  • [120] Ravager
  • +10% Health Damage
  • [170] Disruptor
  • +10% Shield Damage
  • [220] Nano Extortion
  • +10% Damage for 5s after damaging a nano-effected enemy (Cooldown: 5s)

Nano-Specialist Keystone (Will always drop Supreme)
  • +18% Nano-Effect Chance