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    A simple question here: During the arkfalls, is it possible that you can randomly win a Headgear? Cuz my friend just got one, but i was wondering if it was the Pith helmet that he got, and not another one.

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    hola..no se por cual medio reclamar un problema que tengo al jugar..hace un mes no puedo ver ni escribir en chat de grupo y hace unos días tampoco puedo hacerlo en zona chat y eso si que es un problema ya que no puedo comprar ni vender ni saber que pasa...mi ID de ps3 es MiGeniAmor--PR

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    For general information, here is what the Parasite (the epic jackpot weapon [Fragger]) looks like with the melee buttstock:

    And here it is with the external recoil reduction buttstock:

    I think it looks better with the melee, but it has quite a fierce recoil so in terms of actual gameplay, I would go for the recoil reduction.
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