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    Could a weather box be added to CC?
    (maybe add wb's to events that don't have one too for that updated feel)

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    Hi! Please, change the nano on the Blast Rifle JP to Syphon ( Nice combination with the 10% life and shield steal of the sinergy) , and put T4 Recoil or T4 Crit Mult, so T5 DMG T4 Recoil T3 Crit Mult T2 Mag T1 fire rate. or , T4 Crit Mult ( Nice Comb. with the +20% dmg and fire rate of the syn) T3 Mag t2 recoil t1 Fire rate. Thanks for attention.

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    Way to make a lot of the old jackpot guns pointless now. the nuclear winter synergy made a lot of old jackpots pointless too. I guess this year is all about overpowered guns that make the other guns value drop.

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    Will the pack include a patrion? ive not got one apart from apex so wondering if i should get it..
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    i thank you need to buff the holyday arkfalls to threat 11 because the other ones are 11 but other then that it test out good

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    Also could you please type out all the titles to be gotten...

    Patron Pass


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    That Canker should be fun, thank you for not excluding syphon this time.

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    Metamorph's equipped mod visualization is bugged, showing the wrong mod on the appearance of the weapon.

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    The [4] bonus "On hit" means what? When you are hit? Or when you hit an enemy? Thanks for the clarification.

    Also is there anyway to get a screen shot of the gun card for the "Epic EVO Nano Fragger"?

    Thanks again.

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    Can you explain what "a random hellbug nano chain eruption" means? Is that intentionally written to sound like a belch from a castithan? What does this do?

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