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    *.*.* Sanctuaries is recruiting *.*.*

    Thanks for checkin' out Sanctuaries!

    New to Defiance? Or, just lookin' for somewhere to chill while you shoot?

    Everyone Welcome, Newbies and Veterans! Open minds, even more welcome!

    We have Discord, and website with forums!

    *.*.* Sanctuaries *.*.*

    Message one of us for an invitation in game. To message us in game just type: /w name of the person and then your message. If we are in game, the message will go through


    Or you can post a message here with your in game name and the time you usually play (with time zone please) and will look you up whenever we are online

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    ba'alaraphim PC-NA PVE ------< Sanctuaries >------ superba'al PC-NA PVP

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    What's the web address for Sanctuaries?.

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    Would like to Join

    Would like invite please. Have MIC!

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