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    Disappearing people

    in the quest season 2: possession: defiant pursuit, when you go pose to talk to the foreman, they disappeared once enter the bubble area, when you walk couple feet away, they reappeared as I am away from the quest bubble, then try walking in they disappeared again. I have no enemeies in the area during that time. There is a person still continuing the story you know.

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    There were a few posts about this, seems to be a know issue but no fix i know. I don't remember if i had this issue first time i completed the campaign, but when doing the replay i am currently stuck at same mission.
    This game has way too many bugs, fixes are released really slow and only for those they consider to have more impact on the community (my guess). For what i have read on this forum, most people do not play this game for the story, mainly multiplayer. Most likely no fix soon.
    By the way "Disappearing people" sound weird...

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