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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilliene View Post
    The powered gauntlet melee weapon with the ablative armor augment would be a nice jackpot, not many jackpot melees that people enjoy, and I have two names worthy of this weapon. The Hand Cannon. Or Fist of the Northstar.
    They already picked the weapons.. smh.

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    Hey i know it's over (for now at least), but since you're giving us the Hand of god, mayyyyyybe someday you could add the Holy hand grenade? A jp grenade that's both pyro and flashbang. Or a nuke one, afterall, the vfx is there now
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    I don't care the synergy but i want a gun that shoots swords that explode.

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    I would like to see an icinerator just like the liders use at the expo where they shoot up and a large fireball falls off giving damage in area for a few seconds.
    Syphon's granade
    And that was added to all the FRC rockets Pod bugs as well as the expo plagueblaster weapon.
    How about a shotgun that loosens several grenades like that of the expo anarchist.

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    whatever i want you'are my boss or something else...
    Hi if they still grab ideas I have some for guns and syn:

    *wolfhound pistol
    - execution
    - with t4 mag roll
    - maybe with the skin of that first story line reward pistol

    *vot outbreak
    - the plague
    - with t4 reload and t5 fire rate roll
    - with pyro and electric nano
    - maybe a fire rate buff like inmunizer type
    - and a green and blue mix skin

    *frc tele-spanner
    - the tormentor
    - with t4 reload and t5 damage x second
    - a new bmg type with 3 or 4 electric bug spawn in target death and on bug death a little rad effect
    - pyro nano

    ok the syn I think maybe its good for the next hulker he'll but idk:

    Malefic trick
    1. +11% life and shield steal
    2. on shield break spawn a huge exploding pumpkin (cooldown: 30s)
    3. +20% mag / +6% crit
    4. +6% damage / 6% chance to full restore self revive on kill (cooldown: 60s)

    I can add more but I need take a break XD....

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    The 'Tinfoil Tank'

    Highcap regenerator shield

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    An idea for next time. It's a duel pistol revolvers.. Lefty and righty . Each pistol has its own nano. Maybe bio on lefty and radiation on righty.

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    120 Euro and only fkin scrap in the 100+10 boxes.......this was last time i spend any money in this game . Shame on you !! You are deceiving ppl.

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    Arm cannon for the win?

    I am fairly new to this game and new to the forum. With that said, I have not seen the arm cannons the Volge wield in-game? That would be pretty damn neat.

    I am somewhat iffy on the rules. I guess that doe snot qualify as a new weapon request? But it kind of is? Blah, I don't know lol, I am a newbie. it would be neat to wield that weapon.
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    Ravenholm. We don't go there anymore.
    Thread is from March. This ship has sailed.
    They say most of your brain shuts down on the Defiance forums. All but the impatient side, and the sarcastic side. No wonder I'm still awake.

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