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    Shield names

    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    Hey All,

    We have the weapon names in place! Thanks a bunch for all of your input, look forward to seeing your names in game in the near future. However, we still need some shield names! So now I am asking for your 5 favorite possible jackpot shield names.

    Orrr.. maybe some shields from various mythology/legends

    Sacred Aegis
    Ethereal Ancile
    Twilight Kaiser
    Lustrous Svalinn
    Stygian Pridwen
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    Sirius = Sirius (/ˈsɪri.əs/, a romanization of Greek Σείριος, Seirios, lit . "glowing" or "scorching") is a star system and the brightest star in the Earth's night sky

    ALONDRA: Contracted form of Spanish Alejandra, meaning "defender of mankind." It may also be given as a bird name if derived from the Spanish word alondra, meaning "lark." ALYX: Variant spelling of English unisex Alex, meaning "defender of mankind."

    Aminta\Amynt AMINTA: Variant spelling of Greek Amynta, meaning "defender."

    tínagmatic Entanglement = Tinagma= Greek for concussive... Shield that blocks explosions.. get it?

    Just some ideas...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skiller115 View Post
    Please don't mention bio! Bio is horrible, using bio is equivalent to striping your enemy naked, asking him how it feels then killing him with a butterknife!

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    How about a Survivor shield with a higher cap than any other existing shield. It could be called the "False Hope" because you would still get 1-shot killed in expeditions.

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    Fallen/Falling/Shooting Star
    Meteor Shower
    Big Bluff
    100 ways to die
    Astral Projection
    Gimme Shelter
    Cheat Death
    Lucky Streak
    Death's Nemesis
    Dumb Luck
    Obsidian Flesh
    Iron Man
    The Hulk
    Regen Demon
    Cell Block
    Wear Protection
    Adrenaline Rush
    Bullet Proof
    Safety First
    Vanishing Life/Vigor
    The Coven
    For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Bell Toll

    Random off-topic Backpack 3 bundle idea.
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    Hi all,

    Greek Gods?

    Zeus, King of the Gods - SMG - Syphon
    Hera, Queen of the Gods - Sniper - fire/radiation
    Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty - RL - fire
    Athena, Goddess of wisdom and war - Pistol - bio
    Hephaestus, God of the forge and fire - LMG - fire
    Ares, God of war - Ar - fire
    Poseidon, God of the sea - Deto - bio/radiation
    Apollo, God if music - Shotgun - Eletric
    Hermes, God of travelers, messenger - Inf - radiation
    Hades, God of Underworld - Br - radiation

    My favorite is Hades
    its a ideia

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    Here are a few shield names:

    Rogue Noire
    Carcinogenic Cortex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brekka View Post
    Susseruss = Fire EEC Sniper Rifle
    Ooooh. Would love to see a EEC Sniper Rifle JP.
    Also EEC Wildcats, Orejena, and EEC SMGs as well!

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    Please more Blast Rifles!
    Also some of those weapons nobody like to use...try fixing them to be more playable. Like Ventilator or incubator.

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    Good pick on the names and types from what I saw on the stream. And I wasn't expecting all mine to be used anyway, was just throwing out a bunch to help others think of something too. The whole feedback idea was good, should do it for every event.

    I know names have already been picked but these are just random ideas for the future in case you want to do something with them.

    -Melee weapon. That's a ban hammer. or call it Hammer Time with "ban" written on the side.
    -BMG JP name, Succubus, while causing damage, it also pulls enemies closer to you. Maybe add a temp stun effect. Since you guys are having a syphon event after Armstice.
    -JP name, Ring of Fire
    -New RL type. When you shoot it, it's like an area of effect that rains down multiple mini explosions on enemies from above, like a meteor shower. There ya go, name it Meteor Shower.
    -Fire nano JP name, Spitfire.
    -For an event, how about this for a synergy name/theme, Seven Deadly Plagues.
    -BackPack Syn = Adam, Eve, & The Garden.
    -JP Shield name, Second Wind

    -New nano types, Ice and Plague. FOR PVP = Ice could temporarily disable rolling, jumping, and switching weapons as well as decrease fire rate but you can warm yourself up to get out of it by spamming the jump/roll button. FOR PVE = Completely freeze enemies, but they can still shoot however it slows down their fire rate as well and when enemies die they shatter like glass into pieces.
    FOR PVE = Plague could cause enemies to attack their teammates temporarily & explode if they die while affected by the nano and they explode into splashes of liquid metal & the nano spreads to other close-by enemies like an infection or plague.
    FOR PVP = temp disable enemies EGO Power, stims, and spikes, even if it was active, can get out of it by standing still for a very short time. It also spreads to nearby enemies if they are close by when it is activated.
    Feel free to add more, it's just basic ideas to start on.
    Apply the idea they did of adding a cool down to the nano like they did with Bio to both of these nanos as well as the one below.

    -Another new nano that I haven't put much thought into yet because I'm tired, but it would be like Vacuum Energy or Zero Point. Causing enemies to turn inside out from the pressure and burst if killed while nano is still active and possible levitation.
    Could also mix up from what I've already described and maybe make a Liquid Metal nano or change Ice to Liquid Metal, whatever.
    Could even take the above nano ideas and simply add some of it to existing nanos if it fits.

    Last two names for JPs, could be a set.
    Genesis & Exodus.
    And.. Death Penalty.

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