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    rad blighter/nuclear fallout or gamma rays
    bio or rad bonfire
    rad corruptor / nuclear waste
    bio mass cannon
    bio or rad purgatory
    any nano black Friday glr
    any nano black Friday mini gun
    syphon assault carbine with life and shield steal in syn
    new back pack syn for elite lock box
    syphon vot fragger with life and shield steal in syn
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    Fire sludge
    Syphon immunizer
    Black Friday Minigun
    Syphon grenade
    Syphon Berzerker
    Syphon Courier w at least 3 mag

    WANT: Black Friday Omni Minigun...AA Mayhem Barrier shield.
    Got JP's, Rigs, old school 2x,3x,4x rolls....all kinds of goodies....hmu

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    Perhaps something that hasn't had a jp yet. Heavy sawed off shotguns.
    Not really picky on names.

    I'd like to see sentry rifles again.

    As well as Grind fraggers, particle repeaters, and sub carbines

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    Sometimes you just have to kill everyone son...
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    Gun Type / Name (will be coming soon)

    1. Radiation FRC Carbine (or Syphon if the synergy does not have life steal)
    2. Electric bombardier SMG
    3. Radiation Plasma Blaster
    4. Bio Nano Resist Survivor Rhino Shield
    5. Biological VOT Fragger
    6. Fire Nano Resist Ironclad Booster Shield
    7. Incendiary Crash boomer
    8. Radiation VBI SS-2 Ranger
    9. Syphon Tachmag Pulser
    10. Fire VBI TACC Autopistol (or Syphon if the synergy does not have life steal)

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    would LOVE to see a heavy sawed off scattergun
    Need more precision weps instead of weps that can kill across map and you don't have to be accurate
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    1. Fire Mazu Blast Rifle
    2. Rad or Fire FRC Nomad
    3. Bio Mass Cannon
    4. Rad Plasma Burst Rifle
    5. Rad or Syphon Bombader SMG
    6. FRC Heavy Sawn off shotgun
    7. Mazu Distupter
    8. Vanguard Rifle
    9. Bullrush
    10. Particle Scattergun

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    How about an electric big boomer "The Shocker"
    I aim to please, I'm just not a good shot.

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    This game have to many blast riffles jp
    Add a mass canon cuz we have only deca and xmass from events and 1 criticall mass from expos with weak synergy and extreme low drop chance

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    Reaper Minigun - Fire Nano - Hell's Blaze

    Immunizer - Syphon Nano - Death Drain

    VBI BM-4 Stingray - Syphon Nano - Grendal the Troll

    VBI Assault Rifle - Dual Nano Elec./Fire{like FOP} - Despair

    Nolans Pistol - Fire Nano - Nolan's Prize

    Only ones I really would like to see.
    "It is what it is..."
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