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Thread: XBox One

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    XBox One

    Ich höre immer wieder mal das Trion an einer Umsetzung für die Xbox One dran ist.
    Weiß jemand ob an den Gerüchten ein Funke Wahrheit ist ?

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    Nur ein Gerücht.
    Wie in jeden Livestream wurde diese Frage auch im letzten wieder beantwortet: Nein. Derzeit nicht und in naher Zukunft auch nicht.

    Noch relativ aktuell, ein Kommentar von Destro zum Thema:

    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    Hey All,

    Nice to see the desire to have Defiance on more platforms! We always want to reach the most possible players, and moving to next generation consoles would definitely help with that!

    That being said, there are many factors that go into a move like this. To be clear, the backwards compatibility program from Microsoft does not work for the always online capabilities of Defiance. Also, not every game can be considered for such a feature.

    In regards to a full port to the next generation of consoles, don't ever count the option out. Something like that takes months, possibly years, and is not always as simple as it seems. That does not mean that it will never happen, it just means that right now at this moment, we are not actively working on it. That does not mean that we have not mapped it out, or considered it. We want Defiance to last as long as possible, and rest assured that we will do everything we can to keep all of you entertained for years to come!
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    Verdammt noch mal. :\

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    ... *works as intended* ... *asap* ... *care deeply* ...


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