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    Quote Originally Posted by Menetekel View Post
    Why not just use overcharge. .. no recoil... pumped up and ego on reload purple roll... rinse repeat.
    This sounds like the best option but I have a related question, since they nerfed bio in pvp, which converter would be best? Rad, Syphon?

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    Fire with armor pen and fire perks from ark breaker.....muahaha........ syphons not horrible neither is rad set up similarly

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    I see your argument on it for what it is and I'd have to say I agree now it's ammo consumption shows you are correct sir lol that's what I was asking you to verify so now I have a cross question for you is the label the same when placing a burst mag on a REG br to get the same effect and how can that effect be described......again just asking for idiots breakdown not being an ***** lol it is a place for everyone to gain the knowledge and you have to admit it's a great way to amplify the guns dps even if I gave an inaccurate label

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    Controlled burst mags have different effects on different weapons. On single shot weapons they shoot a burst of 3 bullets each trigger pull, on Votan Blast rifles they increase the fire-rate sligtly and on most other full auto weapons they create an effect where you see 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2 bullet patterns depending on the weapon. To my knowledge putting a burst control mag on a mazu blast rifle does not turn it into a version of a Votan blast rifle but should produce the 1,1,2, shot pattern. I could be wrong since it's been a while since I used one but I believe that is the effect.
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