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    Random Collection of Information

    This is a thread for my random collection of information on Defiance that I find useful.

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    Drop in Expeditions

    War Below:
    Phantom Wall - Tachyon Reloader V ARK
    Ironhide - Ironclad Booster V ARK
    Eclipse Horizon - Respark Survivor V ARK
    Dark Star (RL)
    The Enforcer (Combat SG) bio
    Black Widow (Pistol) bio
    Requiem (AR) bio

    Stolen Purpose:
    Zealous Visage - Respark Berserker V ARK
    Bullet Eater - Rhino Fortifier V ARK
    Spectral Interference - Tachyon Bullseye V ARK
    Revenant (Pump SG) fire
    Death's Kiss (SMG) fire
    Sidewinder (Guided RL)
    Wraith (Bolt-Action SR) fire

    Heaven Sent:
    Angel Wing - Rebel Survivor V ARK
    Darkwatch Sigil - Ironclad Regenerator V ARK
    Reflector Bastion - Hurricane Berserker V ARK
    Big Daddy (Detonator)
    Keening Wail (Semi-Auto SR) electric
    Fatespinner (LMG) electric 
    Dominator (BMG)

    Hellbug Hunt:
    Flux Dome - Hurricane Booster V ARK
    Warped Defender - Rebel Energizer V ARK
    Impact Shroud - Rhino Blastproof V ARK
    Whispered Death (Semi-Auto SR) radiation 
    Critical Mass (RL)
    Necrosis (Infector) bio
    Street Sweeper (Sawed-Off SG) radiation

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    Deety's List of Jackpots

    Elite LockBox

    Pay Box

    Players Bundle Box

    Code note: not Jackpot.

    EGO Reward - 3rd Anniversary Celebration! <Official>

    Vendor <Patch Note>

    drop from Expeditions ・all supreme items have Superiority Synergy.
        Patch 3.2 - 8/18/15

    note: details are unknown until find. It's fun finding out by players! referrer: New Named Supreme Expo Weapons, Supreme shield from expo
       There is possibility that drop all kinds of shield(supreme) at all maps. also they will have random nano resist.


    ~ Seasonal Events ~

    The Purge - Halloween Event / Oct. 2014 - Hulker Hell all fire <Official>

    Plate Slicer - Thanksgiving Event / Nov. 2014 - New Frontier Harvest all bio <Official>

    Saturnalia - Winter Event / Dec. 2014 - Solstice Strike all radiation <Official>

    HeartBreaker - Valentine's Event / Feb. 2015 - Colony Courtship <Official>

    Sol's Prominence - Summer Solstice Event / Jul. 2015 - Midsummer Mutiny

    Hallow Point - Halloween Event / Oct. 2015 - Hulker Hell <Official>

    Relentless Decimation - Thanksgiving Event / Nov. 2015 - New Frontier Harvest <Official>

    Eternal Presence - Winter Event / Dec. 2015 - Solstice Strike <Official>

    Flames of Passion - Valentine's Event / Feb. 2016 - Colony Courtship <Official>

    Malicious Mirage - Summer Event / Jun. 2016 - Midsummer Mutiny <Official> <img>

    Ion Coil - 2nd Summer Event / Jul. 2016 - Rolling Blackout <Official> <img>

    Adaptive Augmentation - 3rd Summer Event / Aug. 2016 - 99 Problems <Official> <img>

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    More Jackpots after Deety

    List of Jackpots:

    Hot Streak 2017

    Outbreak 2017

    Armistice 2017

    Colony Courtship 2017

    Event Horizon 2017

    Nuclear Winter Event 2017

    Solstice Strike 2016

    New Frontier Harvest 2016

    Hulker Hell 2016

    NVF Sep 2016

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    Gun Sup Upgrading

    Optimizing your chances in Supreme Upgrading

    Some Interesting Facts from the above post
    (note that the above post does not take into account that there was a decrease in amount of AF needed to supreme at a later patch).

    Overall Table:
    How to read: The y-axis is the percent chance in which you are comfortable with shooting for. Then look across the x-axis and select the upgrade with the lowest level of AF spent.


    1. You are comfortable with a 20% chance of an upgrade. Find 0.2 on the y-axis Looking for the low spot of AF which just so happens to correspond to the 20% upgrade chance.

    2. You are comfortable with a 50% chance. You are better off using the 30% upgrade chance.


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    Useful Guides Long Buried

    Shield Guide:
    Thoughts on best shields are probably:

    Infector Guide
    Best Infectors:
    VBI Invader

    Weapon Table
    Note: Weapon Table is old and out of date but get a feel for guns out there maybe as a project I will update it.

    Best Warmaster Guide

    The super brief how WM loadout (100 words or less):

    1. Fire Wolfhound with high Crit Mult.
    2. Fire SMG (either VOT Pulser or VOT Tachmag Pulser)


    Kinetic Transfer
    Killing Machine
    Thick Skinned
    Pumped Up
    Sucker Punch
    Blast Shield

    Spike: Damage Spike / Ammo

    Stim: Power Stim

    Grenade: Bio

    During first stage use Fire SMG. When WM is jumping off the wall throw a bio grenade at it. During the second stage when blue crystal is destroyed and yellow crit spot is exposed. Use Fire Wolfhound.

    Finally, when a target is on fire all damage going in is boosted for everyone

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    Title for another post.

    Space Reserved for something else.

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    Expedition Loudout Thoughts

    Expedition TL/DR
    Basically now just equip to GA gear (Ranger/Wolfhound/TMP+Shield) and use primarily a MC, Purgatory or Boomer in your other hand. Run blow things up, rinse and repeat.

    Expedition Basics:

    Expedition Survival Guide

    Expedition Conversation auf Deutsch

    Some Expedition Tips:

    1. Focus fire on the most dangerous enemy first. These include Elites (mini-bosses) like Bombers, Tankers, and Plaguebringers.

    2. All enemies are right handed as well as you so make use of cover accordingly (i.e. use ground cover and placement of spikes to your left.)

    3. While tankers are on their knees continue attacking the tank on the back as you will do more damage than if you wake them up by shooting them in the face.

    4. Kite enemies to where you would like to kill them. This might mean backing up to a choke point like a corridor entrance. Another example below:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mecha Sleeper View Post
    Hellion Burrower can be kited by keeping your distance in Expedition.

    5. At most boss fights kill the adds first and then focus on the boss.

    6. Slow and steady is the way to go when solo'ing Expeditions. The use of a good sniper rifle paired with a Tachmag Pulser/Pulser/Blast Rifle/Blaster is very useful.

    7. When end box does not open it could be a crystal that still needs to be destroyed. Use a bug gun like Secret Admirer and fire it over the gate to kill the crystal to unlock the box. See below for details:

    Quote Originally Posted by AXXA View Post
    Attachment 10297

    Also ich habe es mal hier in der Karte markiert! Wenn wir mit Expo fertig sind und der Cocon ned auftaucht, liegt es zu 99% daran, das sich in diesem Bereich ( weit hinter dem Tor ) noch ein einsamer Gegner verkrochen hat. Entweder klitscht man durchs Tor um ihn zu erledigen, oder man schiesst mit nem Brutmörser, oder einer Schrothenne so lange Käfer übers Tor bis der platt ist. Danach taucht der Cocon von alleine auf...
    8. Detonators like Ground Pounders and Boomers can be used to set traps for massive amounts of damage all at once. Ground Pounders are especially effective against in Hellbug Hunt and the Hulker in Stolen Purpose.

    Expedition Loudout Thoughts

    Quote Originally Posted by Logain View Post
    For each loadout I rotate a High Cap shield with a nano resist that the particualr enemy of that expo uses. I swap out shields before we initially go in. Usually swap to Guardian Angel for boss level.

    Preview of my four loadouts are:

    W1 Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle with Lifesteal and/or plate slicer
    W2 Tachmag Pulser with Lifesteal
    G: Bio or Electric

    Notes: Nanos of each gun are usually Fire, Rad, Syphon or Bio depending on expo. Used mostly during the first 2 levels of humanoid expos when the targets are far away or far below. Make liberal use of damage spikes. Primary use when solo'ing levels and usually swap to when there are Biomen or Tanker Mini Bosses or Helion Boss. Sometimes a lifesteal wolfhound is hot-swapped out here when facing Boss in small space boss level.

    W1 Tachmag Pulser or Blast Rifle with Lifesteal
    W2 Boomer Variant or Ground Pounder Variant
    G: Bio or Electric

    Notes: Nano of the automatic is usually Rad of Fire depending on the enemies in Expo. I use this loadout with a Ground Pounder Primarily at boss levels (Hivelord, Hulker, Jackson, Marshall). I use the Boomer (sometimes the GP depending on nanos my Teammates are using) primarily in Hellbug Hunt. Make liberal use of DMG spikes to boost Detonators power.

    W1 Tachmag Pulser or Carbine with Lifesteal and/or plate slicer
    W2 Blaster Variant with LifeSteal
    G: Electric

    Notes: Nano of the TMP or Carbine is usually Bio while the nano of the Blaster is either Fire, Rad, sometimes Syphon. This loadout is used for Bulwarks to strip plates quickly and then use a Fire Blaster with a DMG spike to melt the thing. This loadout is modifed with a Syphon Blaster for Dekuso boss.

    W1 Incinerator
    W2 Lifesteal weapon usually and TMP, BR, Blaster, High Crit Weapon.
    G: Electric or Bio

    Notes: This loadout is for use of well coordinated teams within tight corridors of humanoid levels. Not boss level. This loadout sets humanoids on fire for more damage by team members while keeping the long range shooters at bay. Lay fire to everyone when first going into room then clean up with your Lifesteal weapon of choice I tend to lean towards high crit guns or TMP in which I do not suffer from mobility.

    Finally a note on Expo strategy.
    First is the very basic that all enemies are right handed (you too btw), so make use of this fact and use cover appropriately and makes use of DMG spikes strategically placed out of harms way but in a way that can benefit you and your team.

    When ever you go into a room that is not the boss level always focus fire on the most dangerous enemy first. That means you should focus fire as a team on Mini Bosses that are far away but can reach you with their guns (Bombers, Tankers, Plague Bringers, Gunners) then focus fire on enemies right in your face. But pay attention to the Rioter and the Fire Mutant Mini Bosses that get right in your face. Focus fire on them and back pedal away. Electric Grenades are great for removing the shields of mini bosses with shields and slowing down their attack. One electric Blast rifle in the group is also good at this. One Sludger (Sludge RL, Corruptor) in the group is also good at slowing down the enemy from charging your location. After mini bosses any target that can get you from far away like Snipers or Rocketmen should be next on focus fire list. Then finally all the adds starting with those closest to you or your group.

    For Boss levels, in general it is most advantageous to attack and kill all the adds first (with the exception that the boss is on its last go round and is close to death in health). in particular, taking care of other mini-bosses (Tankers and Bombers first). Then focus fire on the boss. Good luck and happy hunting.
    Quote Originally Posted by Logain View Post
    I use primarily two loadouts for expeditions (1 & 2) out of the 3-4 that I have. In the meantime here are my four loadouts:

    1. Sniper My primary all around loadout and the one I usually use for boss fights. 2x dmg BHF tachmag, and my 3x mag Bio Plate Slicer Ranger paired with Overcharge and Guardian Angel shield. My primary goal as a sniper is take out turrets, bombers, and remove big guy armor plates as fast as possible. Use the tachmag for close encounters and life gain. I make use of the plate slicer 4th synergy on Ranger to get additional armor plates and use the mobility of the tachmag to shoot from hip get close and personal but dodge attacks.

    2. Electro When I have a good team I go with this loadout. Empousa and Demon Hunter, OC and GA. I use the Empousa on everything to proc eccentricity. When enemies are dancing they are not doing damage. I swap over to the Demon hunter for close encounters to finish off dancing enemies as well as for a different ammo pool. Note: only one electric user per group or you lose too much DPS.

    3. Sludger Autumn Scourge and Ghost Duster MK2 (non tradeable) GA shield and Decoy. Go to New area send out decoy to attract enemies lay out bio attacks from Scourge to remove plates then shoot everything with the Ghost Duster. Rinse and repeat.

    4. Bomber Use OC and GA shield. Pair Ghost Duster (or BHF Tachmag) with Milking Maid. Use height and slope to my advantage. Set bombs, hide, detonate. Rinse and repeat.

    I swap out the Guardian Angel for a Bio Resist Rhino III with Firewall against Hellbugs.

    -Perks for most of my loadouts are:
    Overcharge (Killing things faster = stay alive longer) or Decoy (for sludging)
    Self Medicated (Revive more quickly)
    Blast Shield (Avoid direct hits by bombs)
    Cellular Armor (Defense)
    Thick Skinned (Stay alive)
    Fail Safe (Defense)
    Detachment (Kill faster = more defense)
    Conflagration (for my BHF guns)
    Nano perk (for other gun)
    Wildcard perk usually Turn the Tide (when in groups I know and will work together). Otherwise Fortitude/Insult to Injury for Electric build/Deadly cascade for detonators.
    Discussion Threads
    http://forums.defiance.com/showthrea...on-class-setup (No Resparks)


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    Ex Innis Basics

    Thought this might be helpful:

    How to find Py | YT Link 1 | YT Link 2 (essentially jump in your roller and ride around doing emergencies on the road until he pops up).

    This enigmatic Gulanee, who is rumored to be the leader Ex Inanis, has been seen in a few emergencies in Paradise. He is wily though, and will remain for only 2 minutes after the emergency has ended. During this time, you will be able to purchase the following items from him in exchange for Purified Gulanite:

    Jackpot Weapons – Available weapons will rotate each week
    Perfected Weapon Box – Contains one Perfected Weapon
    Legendary Mod Box – Contains one Legendary Mod

    Perfected Weapons

    New weapons known as Perfected Weapons replace the old jackpot structure. Weapons within certain synergies have a chance to roll a perfected version, which will contain one of 3 different manufacturer bonuses:

    Dynamic: +10% Increased Damage, +5% Rate of Fire / Crit / Reload / Mag / Recoil / Accuracy
    Precise: +10% Increased Damage, +10% Crit / Reload / Accuracy
    Berserk: +10% Increased Damage, +10% Rate of Fire / Mag / Recoil

    (I can never remember these bonuses)

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