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Thread: PvP ruined

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    Bio does not freeze you in your tracks. What you are experiencing is the Cymatic Empowerment syn at work with its snare perk. This perk in PvP is fine but if this is allowed then you have to allow a nano like electric make people twitch and flinch as well. Surge Bolters should not one shot kill unless used as a shotgun. The definition behind the weapon is like buckshot. How are a wide range of high Bellucci charged particles one shot killing anyone from long range. The HIB Plasma Bolters don't need to be charged to one shot kill. Sentinel rigs I don't mind however I have a major problem with weapons like EP. Yes it has a high fire rate but I think is unintentionally over powered. It's a weapon Trion failed to code correctly. Why do I say that? Incendiary nano has null plate dmg capabilities yet in PvP it.completely bypasses this law. My issue with sawed offs is that outside of PvP you have to gfs extremely accurate to get max damage. In PvP it seems players can run right by you, pull the trigger, full health, full plates, it doesn't matter... you are dead. And another fact you won't see the same players in say Freight Yard doing the community PvP of S.W. aka Shadow Wars. My theory is that it is a place of high lag because it's not part of the regular world map and it makes it harder for the Trion team to track people using lag switches, and jailbroke PS3's to perform mod hacks further increasing their players speeds, damage given and damage taken, ability to see other players on map at all times to bypass effects such as cloak, utilization of the ability to continuously stay using ego perks, snareing other players with bio weapons even though they are not using Cymatic Empowerment synergy, all while having access to the best gear giving them an almost God-mode stature against players not coming in with a cheaters system bathed in exploits. So basically it's a place for mod hackers only. Don't believe me? Just ask yourself why some of those same so called elite players are beasts there but do quite easily outside of that realm in SW? Because they don't want to get found out and banned. Cover your tracks is that much harder. Ask yourself why certain players directly after doing SW who seemed to be close to invincible logout directly after? It's not too reset from lag. It's to go back to their proxy and clear out their history and log back in with a new ID to cover their tracks. It's the same reason you get points in SW that won't capture. It's the reason why once you throw a bio nade on it you start to see those binary ones float up into the air. Their is an invisible player sitting on top of the capture point. And you can shoot all you want but you can not hurt then but if they so choose they can hurt you. No point in inspecting players nearby for they will not show up. It's a ghost in the machine effect. It's those same players that read your complaints in zone over the issue, who then say get better, or your just a noob that are in fact doing the mod hacking. I'll never understand the need to exploit or run a rigged system that if you are caught will get you banned from the game and even from PSN network. There is some warped high certain people get from cheating and so called owning noobs. I love the game and the challenge. It's mired by individuals ergo feel the nagged to exploit the game we have come to enjoy. And in fact they are the reasons certain aspects of the game mechanically fail. You really think all that lag at events is from poor servers? No... It's from masses of individuals utilizing lag switches and mod hacks to crack your real score. But if Trion chooses not to dedicate a portion of its time to check whose affecting their code an nd game dynamics it's only going to get worse.

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    the evo bio nano weapons and all other nano evo guns is causing the Cymatic Empowerment syns bio snare . when either the bio procs or a bio hellbug daisy chain effect happens . this started happening when they added the perma bio "fixed"

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    Because AFKers

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