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    R.I.P. Iron Death (yes real life)

    I really don't know what to say this is vary hard for me at a time like this but thought i would let you all know good friend and fellow clan leader Iron Death passed away sometime within the last 24 hours. His brother in-law call to let me know. He will be missed by all of here in chaos crew.

    I talked to his wife on the phone today, I wasn't going to bring it up but she informed me his will had his defiance inventory left for me, so at some point later on i will log in his player (assuming i can) and give away a lot of his stuff to players in memory of him. I will post more info here later on as i get it.

    edit 2 update 3/12/17
    I recieved a few txt messages form his wife today she said "Alot has been going on and I've been trying to deal with the kids, and it's been pretty bad." she sent me some pics I can share with u all

    1 year update post #42


    disconnect parody https://youtu.be/ndozn_qDVJI
    defiance pax parody https://youtu.be/wpIwZeuJZAU
    professor chaos69
    founder chaos crew pc/na
    all players welcome

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    I will never forget him or the way he was... brutally honest. He is one of the few people i have ever gamed with who valued friendship over items. He will definitely be missed by everyone who was lucky enough to get to know him.

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    Yea he was the best he taught me all I know about the game, And I am going to miss playing the game with him, its just not going to be the same without him, RIP Iron Death my Clan Leader and best friend......

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    I only knew Iron in the game but I know he will be missed not just by our clan but the entire Defiance community. My thoughts go out to all his friends and family wishing them an easy transition in their lives. RIP Iron Death. You will be missed

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    you'll be missed by many. you will be remembered for the careing, the dirty jokes, the honesty, the booby gifs in the teamspeak. One of the first ones on and last ones off. he got what the game means to many as it ment so much to him, so he would help out where he could. I guess he was just There.

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    Iron Death

    I will always consider him as my brother.

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    My sincere condolences to his family in RL and the Defiance community. It is a sad day and he will be missed.

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    I will miss him

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    My thoughts and prayers with his family and friends.
    Rest in peace, arkhunter.

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