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    Week 4 Votes

    Husker Hell
    99 Problems
    Midsummer Mutiny

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    Colony Courtship
    Neo Votanis Freebooters
    99 Problems
    ...I like ... ... ...

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    99 Probs (Adopted Auger) Extermination Protocol
    Hulker Hell (Sangwich Extraction) Azathoth
    Neo Votanis Fruitbooters. (Gimmee more MotU's pls.) Master of the Universe

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    99 problems
    nuclear winter
    Colony courtship

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    Here is mine

    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post

    Ark hunters!

    It's time to get out and vote. Now that I think about it, feel free to stay home and vote, but just VOTE!

    Pick 3 events to appear in game for the 4th week of Armistice. Keep in mind that the events you pick will also determine which loot boxes are running that week.

    We'll count up the votes during week 3 and will lock in the events ASAP so be sure to vote early! Please keep this thread on topic, so that we can easily and quickly count up votes!

    Full List Of Events:
    • Solstice Strike
    • Nuclear Winter
    • Midsummer Mutiny
    • Hulker Hell
    • Neo Votanis Freebooters
    • New Frontier Harvest
    • Rolling Blackout
    • Colony Courtship
    • 99 problems

    Hulker Hell
    Neo Votanis Freebooters
    New Frontier Harvest

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    Midsummer Mutiny (Miraclous Mirage)
    99 problems (Adaptive Augmentation)
    Colony Courtship (Mutagenic Gestation)

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    Solstice Strike // Nuclear Winter // 99 problems

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    Nuclear Winter
    Neo Votanis Freebooters
    99 problems

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    Nuclear Winter
    Hulker Hell
    Colony Courtship

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    Was soll das ich zocke 200 finale und bekomme 2 jps egal ob Karma oder diereckt aus finale also was soll der Mist Scheiss auf Karma das ist dennoch alles Dreck

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