The Armistice Festival is here for the 4th anniversary of Defiance! Paradise is flooded with events from the previous year. Many new rewards are in store, so celebrate the Armistice Celebration today!

Each week of this month long event will see the return of 3 previous holiday events from the past year running side by side! During these events, loot will drop from the same type as the previous year. In the fourth week we’ll bring back the 3 most wanted events as chosen by you!

March 6, 2017
Solstice Strike
Nuclear Winter
Midsummer Mutiny

March 13, 2017
Hulker Hell
Neo Votanis Freebooters
New Frontier Harvest

March 20, 2017
Rolling Blackout
Colony Courtship
99 problems

If that wasn’t enough, while each event is active, all lockboxes that were ever part of that event will also be available in the Defiance store for 25% off!

Finish the daily and weekly Defiant Few contracts to earn massively increased Defiance Few reputation. You Will be able to purchase the Armistice Jackpot Weapon Crate from the Defiant Few vendor. Each box costs 1,000 Defiant Few Reputation and will reward you with one, un-tradable, random Jackpot from any of the 9 previous events from the past year.


Get your hands on a brand new lockbox from the Defiance store (only available during Armistice), the Premium Armament Lockbox. These boxes feature two new backpack synergies, 14 JP weapons, and 6 JP shields! They can be purchased directly from the Defiance Store. You can also pick up the non-premium version Armament Lockboxes for 210 reputation from ALL reputation vendors (excluding Defiant Few).


Assault Armament
[1] On Dodge Roll, +30% Movement Speed for 5s (Cooldown: 15s)
[2] +15% Nano-Proc Chance / +10% Rate of Fire / +10% Damage
[3] On Kill, +5% Damage for 10s (Max Stacks: 5)

Guard Armament
[1] Being hit by an opponent reduces damage taken by 10% for 5s (Cooldown: 15s)
[2] +10% Nano Resistance / +15% Reload / +10% Lifesteal
[3] On Dodge Roll, gain 3 ablative armor and +15% Damage for 10 seconds (Cooldown: 15s)

Jackpot weapon types: Mass Cannon, Big Boomer, Blast Rifle, Tachmag Pulser, Wolfhound, Invader, Stingray, Berserker, SAW, SS-2 Ranger, Fragger, Derailer, Mazu Blast Rifle, Heavy Scattergun.

All of the jackpot weapons have names picked by YOU, the Defiance community!


If you remember our very popular Black Friday Bargain Box from last year, it’s back in action but with a new name – the Armistice Bargain Box. Get tons of loot for a super low price! The Jackpot pool has been updated with new Jackpots. 2 new weapons and 2 new shields replace the previous super rare loot. The chances of getting rare gear has been increased!


Sol Destroyer: Highly modified BMG. Linking technology has been removed in order to fire a concentrated particle beam. *In addition, the healing unit has been adjusted to provide damage reduction and movement speed which persists for a short time after the connection is severed.

Apocalypse: Fires a nuclear rocket which deals massive damage over a large area in addition to burning and irradiating enemies. *Requires time in aim mode to charge the rocket's propellant.


Oblivion has been replaced with the new Jackpot "Hand of God", a Mazu Blast Rifle!


The Elite and Premium Elite Lockbox has been overhauled. It will now drop loot more consistently across all weapon types, and has had its legendary and epic drop rates increased! The Premium Elite has been increased even further as well!

The Armistice Elite and Premium Elite Lockboxes are back for Armistice only! These boxes will contain a possible drop for ALL of the previous Elite jackpots!

  • All BMG damage increased by 10%