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    got a casustic venom today again 3rd time

    sold it

    Anyways 659 majors since started counting 10 jps

    avg for jp is 65.9

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    Oct 2016
    England- Gosport
    Devs if you are reading................

    People will stop buying PP if they keep getting same jp drops. Why can't you code it so if you have droped the same gun once or twice in a event not to get it again.

    Be warned there is some anger about this issue. I have had 3 of the same nearly 200 majors grafted for same result. And i'm a luckly one some peeps have had it worse.

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    2nd circuit breaker

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    5th jp got a viral administrator immediately supremed it at 5% first try. Same thing happened with my decadence as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Stranger View Post
    Add from DF , Lilith and avarice , what a joke this is . Still 0 jp from major arkfalls ... great armistice ... NOT ! Can't wait for the 4 year anniversary ... not sure I'll last that long )
    add another wonderful jp from df ....radium conned verter...your rng is heavily slanted to the most crappiest jp's ....yet you keep telling us it's not...proof is in the pudding ....
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    Been playing about 9 months now grinding every day and night and finally got a decent drop, Master of The Universe. Before that, I won 7 pistols, 6 shotguns, 1 smg and a Zepar most of these while on patron pass back in December. When all I got when I had patron pass was junk jp's I swore never to buy patron pass again, so Trion, you might make note of that.

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    Ok here's what i have pulled thru the three toons both df and karma.
    polarity diode -_-
    Lillith -_-
    Deadlock -_-
    Hunger -_-
    Avarice -_-
    Caustic Venom
    Valor -_-
    Beta 6 -_-
    Chrysalis x2
    IGN: Lycan Nightshade 6000 ego:Clan- T.D.O.M
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    Wishlist-Blooddawn, Death's Kiss.
    A big THANK YOU to all who has helped me over the past couple years.

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    So far another meh armistice with meh drops,like previous armistices.

    DF jps

    Herma%&#%#(cant even remember the name)

    Mjrs drops


    Gave away my tradeable VA,aculeata and the xaphan that droped cos already have them.

    Not sure how u fixed the guns weight btw..the armistice rep boxes and elites are giving the same things as before sometimes 2x the same weapon or weapon type..
    except rockers and innoculaters that i dont see them for a long time,droping a lot now!

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    so far I have pulled (DF only):

    prancer, binary overflow, discharge amplifier, deuterium depletor, galactic guardian, hematophagous, pride, blitzen, hyperion emitter, metamorph, xaphan, epsilon module, positron extractor, beta 6, indulgence, caustic venom, volt relay, comet, vixen, viral administrator, chrysalis, courage, avarice, positron extractor, beta 6 - not bad first duplicates on the 24th & 25th pulls
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    psn: j599kbvvaak

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    Another 25 majors done today and dropped a HEMATOPHAGOUS

    so thats now 684 majors since started counting and 11 jps which equals a avg of 62.181 majors per jp

    these are the number of majors done for jp

    115- 55 -53-63-06-70-60-90-69-78-25

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