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Thread: Wtb/Wts

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    whatever i want you'are my boss or something else...
    Quote Originally Posted by Long Gado View Post
    Taking offers on decadence 3 t3s and 1 t4 correct mods in it.
    Just scrip or u take trades?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis91 View Post
    Just scrip or u take trades?
    Depends on the trades.
    Selling it for 40 or 35 mill.

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    Wts binary overflow 400k,deadlock 2mill.

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    Wts t6 t4ed comet 30mill or 25mill.

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    Wtb t4 SE syphon converter mod for shotguns.

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    Wts syphon converted hematophagous 1.5mill. SOLD

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    T6 comet t4ed 30mill or 25mill. SOLD

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