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    Oj String missing box

    Today on my inv defiant store i have weird oj box, the box name is (some numbers) xxxx_string_missing oh o open and nothing happen... Someone can help me what this box is...

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    Here's the passage from that thread that's relative to your question.

    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    Anyone who has previously purchased a Premium Armament Lockbox, from the start of Armistice to the most recent downtime at 1PM PT, will get another roll at a jackpot with the updated chance for each box they have purchased.These will come in the form of boxes that will be in your claimables. Each box has a value of 1, 5, 10, or 20 rolls. If you purchased 100 boxes, you will have 5 20 roll boxes in your claims. Claim the box to get your rolls.Currently, these boxes are listed as string missing. The boxes with each number is as follows:43846_STRING_MISSING - 1 Roll43847_STRING_MISSING - 5 Rolls43848_STRING_MISSING - 10 Rolls43849_STRING_MISSING - 20 RollsThese do not guarantee a jackpot. They are only additional rolls, at the 5% rate stated above, for a jackpot.
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    Ty for help, yes i buy 1palockbox and roll again..

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