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    LF Epidemic t4/t5 Bio Fast Action Reloader for AR/SMG/LMG

    Hey Everyone,

    So with the Armistice 55 bit Lockboxes going on this month I just figured I'd put this out there. I am very interested in this particular mod so if anyone gets one they don't want/need please keep me in mind. I will trade pretty decently for this item so keep an eye out.

    TYVM, happy hunting and best of luck with any and all event drops. May you all get what you are most desire.

    "The only way to beat the RNG is to... Hit it, Repeatedly, Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and OVER again until it spits out whatever it is you want@!!!... Or pay someone else who has!"

    "Never argue with an idiot... they bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience!" - Samuel Clemens

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    i had seen one T5 hi-cap during Black Friday. reserved it but person sold it to someone else anyways.
    bought a lot of epidemic crates and got every nano but bio.
    after armistice if anyone interested i might put up a t5 stab sight or standard t5 hi cap mag for trade.

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