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Please keep in mind the relevant topic. Time frame of armistice event was never an issue.

I'll still run expos, but I won't value the items as much w/ the introduction of the armament synergies. This game is not going to last long on 360/ps3, so with all these armament items being introduced into the market (there's a lot in the market), I feel many of the expo items that people may have been chasing no longer hold interest.

Trion wants us to have the long fulfilling chase or whatever. :/
I totally agree with you and the effects are being seen already as I witnessed first hand today. I got a sup crit mass and sup impact shroud for peanuts (2 OJs GA Syn smgs) and the player I got them from was spamin chat for the new GA syn stuff just about all afternoon long along with others lookin for the new syns. But I am thrilled if it devalues other things and I can get it really cheap then so be it.