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    Chaos Crew Clan!

    Chaos Crew is a very active clans on PC/NA, it has too much active players day and night and the clan list is always filled with clan mates, people help each other and help new players with infos, free guns, mods and stuff, the clan founder (Professor Chaos69) has done too much for the clan making clan events and giving away his own jackpots and sometimes strong players in the clan and officers volunteers and giveaway their jackpots for the clan events to make it more fun..
    i would LOVE to see Chaos Crew as one of the selected clans for this celebration!
    Professor Chaos69, thank you!

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    Chaos Crew

    Chaos Crew with its clan leader (professor chaos69) is definitely worth it. After a year in Defiance on XBOX360 I moved to PC/NA and was invited to the crew as a low-ego. This is when the game began for me. EGO6000 guys helping and it feels good. "No time to ride the line" or read forums that much.
    Active chat and written conversations, own events, runs in co-op or expeditions... You'll find a partner easily without wasting time and calling in Zone.
    Plus, we are already giving our helping hand to Defiance and giving constructive feedback on little shortages there are.

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    Feb 2017

    professor chaos69 and chaos crew deserves it they are a really helpful clan.

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    Choas Crew
    Professor choas69 (clan leader), PC /NA Clan . I have been in this clan for almost 2 years . Clan members are awesome and supportive in various activities (pursuits/pvp/co ops/ expos) you name it.
    I would love to get this clan in Defiance Anniversary Event

    Join chaos crew / Pm Poizon420/ Professor choas69 http://joinchaos.weebly.com/

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    Chaos Crew

    Professorchaos69 chilliest clan leader I've ever had. Busts his *** for us. So elect him our next presi... I mean do this event.

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    Chaos Crew

    Professor Chaos69 leader of Chaos Crew is perfect for this event. He already host clan events, gives away guns and mods, and helps out anyone in need. This clan really makes the game a more enjoyable experience and the Professor should be rewarded for his efforts and dedication to Defiance and this clan. His effort benefits the entire community and I probably wouldn't still play this game if it wasn't for this clan and the experience it provides.

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    Chaos Crew

    [QUOTE=Destromathe;2000233]We are looking for a few good Clans to celebrate 4 years of Defiance! Does your clan have what it takes to show its Defiance pride?

    Chaos Crew

    In my early years I had the opportunity to serve my country, and what I miss most about it was the camaraderie that we shared. Since I joined the Chaos Crew clan I have once again found a place where I can once again find and share some more good times, while shooting some more big guns. GET SOME!!!

    A great idea for an anniversary event to run during the anniversary weekend): A good old all out skirmish. There can only be one.

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    Chaos Crew Clan has been nothing but helpful, since i started playing from info about game to weapons & mods & helping with missions truly the best clan!

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    Chaos Crew has been a very nice help since i began playing 2 weeks ago. They help with whatever you need in any way possible.

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    I'd like to nominate the Chaos Crew clan for this, they are a great clan that has done a lot for all its members who are all quite active in this community, we all work hard together to attend every event occurring throughout the game and make the game a fun and welcome environment for the players new and old Professor Chaos 69 our clan leader is a great help and is great to every new and old player.

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