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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis91 View Post
    One player show me 5 apocalypse, 3 sol destroyer and 5 mb shields I don't know if he have the rngesus help lmao
    Possible, but I'd be reporting him just in case!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare390 View Post
    has the drop rate been changed since last week?
    I had a clan member drop 200 bucks on the 100 armistice bargain boxes and was very disappointed in the outcome. He only got 4 or 5 jackpots and I'm pretty shure he didn't get any of the new syn items that he was really wanting. After he told me that it kinda killed my mood to buy those boxes :/ when I buy bits ill probably just buy more backpack slots for my characters and save the rest for a patron pass for the next events

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    I've bought 3 boxes tho I've got enuff for 2 more... a tho after a t4 SB assault scope a t4 nvf hcm and a standard t4 rebel shield im really debating on if its really worth a shot.
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    I saw Kon's APS today and must admit the old green eyed monster raised his ugly head so bought a couple of boxes I could ill afford and was treated to junk.

    I know you have to sink a butt load of bits into these things but it would be nice just once in a while things went your way.

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    I got like 15 ojs no jps the rest were all purple vender food 19 purple rigs 25purple guns the rest mods and chips. I have spent over more money then I care to think about on this game and have nothing to show really. I mean hell I can name every jp ive actually pulled in over a year....
    Ud, sting, insatiable, hibernal, ba, metamorph, hypo, cosmic champion and hellcat. In over a year. Its really discouraging then to get **** on by a box you watch people pull amazing jps from makes me sick.
    Garentee trion wont even fix it for the ppl who got screwed. What do they care they got the money already. Lol

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    In Trions eye, the boxes in this game are all fine. They're selling like hotcakes, so they must be fine, no??
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    I had a string of bad luck buying the 100+10 boxes last weekend but had better luck yesterday.

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    SO when will new jackpots from armistice be added to loyalty vendor Destro

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    Very Happy With Bargain Boxes

    I did really really great with the bargain boxes buying those 110 packs is awesome got 2 aps trucks one on my account and one on my grandson's account and we ended up getting 4 of the 4 plate shields and a couple nuclear RLs and quite a few JPs and lots of AA an GA stuff quite few sup chips and OJs and a nano rig and merc rig. But the best was the loyalty drops I got, I about fell out of my chair each time seeing those pop on the screen. Bought a couple weapons and a sup carnage chip an CC rig from the loyalty vendor.

    All and All Very happy but it cost me just over a grand

    BTW Still say trion can't multiply LOL J/K

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    Weekend just started with new dailies etc in EU xbox360 server... no bargain boxes

    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    Nothing has been changed about the Bargain Box since last weekend.
    Weekend just started with new dailies etc in EU xbox360 server... no bargain boxes here.. They should be in shop, so are we not gonna get those anymore? Usually they have appeared in shop at this time with daily reset friday evening
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