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Thread: wts stuff

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    wts stuff

    Will trade all of these for any protocol

    T4d sup viral administrator
    T4d oj Eligos
    t4d sup chrysalis
    3T4 1t5(res chamber) oj krampus
    T4d fusion Falcion
    T4d sup ID JP pistol
    3T4 1T5(HCM) oj spine chiller
    oj harmony
    Sup Guardian Angel
    T4d oj vixen
    oj Respark Survivor Ark
    oj turnoil
    T4d sup Motu
    fresh Encephalitis
    T4d cupid

    just make a fair offer on what you like

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    updated with a t4d supreme viral admin I pulled from a major

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    Do u have any sb det mods t4 like brrl, stock and sight
    Xbl gt is benji 120
    Defiance main toon hopalong

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    I think I only have the T5 reload mag, but I can check. I know I did give away a site last week I advertised in zone for 3 mill nobody wanted it so I gave it to a friend

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    If u get another set i buy it 3mil or any u no tell them
    Xbl gt is benji 120
    Defiance main toon hopalong

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    updated the thread.Turned some oj weapons supreme

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