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Thread: t/o omnipotence

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    Won't do it for just EP, cost me much more than that. Got any t6 highcap Shields and other stuff for trade?

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    Solllll destroyer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kill_Me_4_xp View Post
    Hmm skip the apoc. Had it and didn't care for it seems how it's half broken lol. For br's I'm really only interested in EP or Nova. But I'm in need of a nice high cap shield and maybe some extra PvP gear
    I am working on a T6 Nova ATM and I have these to put in a trade deal as well T6 va, T6 comet and T6 turmoil.

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    Minigun available again

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    For sol destroyer

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    Sorry man traded apocalypse and t6 t5d aza for omni

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    Sol plus 40m. Im not Not rich like y'all D:

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