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    What are the best weapons?

    May be someone wrote about this, but haven't seen a recent post. In fact would like to know what are the best combo: weapon type, shield, synergy, nano effect (or not) and cyber chips for every purpouse (expedition, pvp, other if any...) and to know the reason of your choice.

    I like SMGs, but i see that is not the most used weapon, and probably not the best choice, but would like to build something good for that type of weapon too.

    Thanks in advance for any response to this thread. Hopefully we all enjoy some good insights from the community

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    how good are the new weapons in game? should i consider any as best weapon?

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    blast rifles and vbi ars are the best weapons

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    thanks. would like the community to discuss this more. Not only the new ones, but what are the best combo (weapon type and synergy, shield, rig, chips, etc...) you use or would advice for every scenario (pvp, expedition, etc...).

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    My own personal preference is a double Saw load out, Primary is a high dmg bio and secondary is a life steel of some kind.

    Thankfully there's quite a nice selection of them now.

    As for shields I prefer a high cap one such as a Ironclad or Rhino, but on ps3 I've been lucky enough to pull a Turmoil and a Darkest Hour.

    From memory I can't recall what I've supremed but these load outs get me through my daily excursions but I don't do pvp and expos as that games content holds no enjoyment for me.

    I even find co ops tiresome these days.

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    The best weapons and loadout is the ones that you have and enjoy using , why worry about what others have just play and have fun , happy hunting

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    Different weapons for different situations:

    Daily contracts I use a VBI-Stingray and blastrifle combo

    Expeditions would be Blastrifle and mass cannon

    Sieges I use a Big Boomer type detonator and a blastrifle

    I use strictly high capacity shields the higher the better... it use to make a difference whether it was Rhino or Ironclad but not anymore since most of my loadouts have lifesteal/shieldsteal delay has become almost irrelevant.

    I personally use Bio on almost all of my weapons... but Fire has the best health damage buff so when possible I'll switch between a bio weapon and fire weapon after the plates are destroyed. Most people hate bio because of the point bonus you get for doing plate damage and whatnot but everyone has there own preference... for WM I would use strictly a bio weapon (in regards to points) because fire may do more damage but I've used identical weapons in bio and fire and gotten about an extra 5-10k points from using the bio ones. Yes crit shots bypass plates and shields... but not having plates bypasses them all the time.

    As someone said the best weapons are the ones you like using the most and every weapon has a special component to them. Some increase damage taken such as when an enemy is on fire or the epidemic syn weapons proc, some have lifesteal, some weapons get damage or reload or whatever bonuses on them. Some people like to have crit on their blast rifles while others say firerate is better... whatever you find works for you to have fun and killz thingz the best then go for it.

    "When it absolutely has to be killed... Use a Mass Cannon"
    "The only way to beat the RNG is to... Hit it, Repeatedly, Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and OVER again until it spits out whatever it is you want@!!!... Or pay someone else who has!"

    "Never argue with an idiot... they bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience!" - Samuel Clemens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menetekel View Post
    Yes crit shots bypass plates and shields... but not having plates bypasses them all the time.
    Small correction, crit shots generally bypass armor plates but not shields. That said there are enemies that you do not bypass armor playes, they include sone expo mini bosses and bosses as well as Warmaster. Issue us WM usually receives so much damage armor plates disappear quickly.

    As far as good weapons I think the following types are best in each category:

    Pistols: Plasma Blaster, VOT Blasters, Wolfhounds.
    Shotguns: Fraggers, Grind Fraggers, Nano Fraggers, and Chango Fraggers
    SMGs: Tachmag Pulser, Pulsers, Bombardiers
    LMGs: Saw, Mazu Disruptor
    ARs: VBI AR, FRC Carbine, VOT Blast Rifles
    Bolt Action Sniper Rifles: VBI Snipers
    Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles: Repeaters, Rangers, Plasma Bolters
    BMG: Sol Destroyer I guess
    Detonators: Big Boomers, Ground Pounders, Incinerator
    RLs: Mass Cannon, Daisy Cutter RL

    I miss anything?

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    thanks for the responses. But what about the synergies? is there a list of all of them somewhere to get an idea of which would fit best my game? may be by looking for jackpots, right?

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