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    Byron Bay

    I am in here somewhere

    The crowd oh the humanity

    I cannot fight a psychic enemy! How else do they know to move aside just as I pull my sniper rifles trigger, even when I am cloaked.

    If all the money and all the hours spent by all the gamers playing all the games, was put to a better use then the world would be a boring place.

    The Defiant Prayer: Defiance give me the guns I need, To kill the things I can, To kill the things I cant, and the guns so there is no difference

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    I'm the cool guy with the hat facing away from the crowd...

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    Entry closes tonight! Winners announced tomorrow and codes going out right after that! Be sure to check this thread the codes expire in 2 days, if winners don't redeem, you might be out of luck! So stay tuned!

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    Ending of Marathon @ coit tower!


    ~ Carina_lll

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    Thanks to all involved
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    Cronus Marathon Event !!
    🆂 🆄 🅿 🅰 🅱 🅴 🅴

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