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    Adding member issue

    Wasn't sure where to post this, my first time here ... but i have an issue

    I am running two ps3s, i play on one and my two sons each have a character on the second ps3.

    I started a clan last night, and added my oldest son's character to it this morning no problem. When my younger son logged on his character, I can go through all the steps of adding a member, but with him it does nothing .. he doesn't receive an invite in game at all ...

    Is there some reason that two characters on same console/account cannot both join a clan?

    Or is there something I am doing wrong?

    Or is it just a glitch?

    Just started playing three days ago, and we are having fun, and already I have learned to take the disconnects and assorted glitches in stride, so assuming it may be just that.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Welcome to the madness . i dont no the answer but this will bump up your post.

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    Appreciate the welcome ... sad I didn't get this game sooner ... glitched out mass carnage madness ... my kinda world ..

    Anywho ... was just coming on to say, it worked just a minute ago ... maybe it was restarting both consoles from freezing, restarting the game from server loss, or just dumb luck ... either way, my five year old can now go insane on his quad with our tag on his head ;-)

    all worked out.

    looking forward to more mayhem!

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    check to see if he have clan invites on

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    There is a good chance that was it ... who knows what setting get jacked when you put a 5 year old at the helm of a 4 wheeler and an open world full of zombie-esque creatures ... hog heaven doesn't sum it up properly ;-)

    My daughter is now jumping on the bandwagon, and working through the tutorial as we speak ... hence my being here, and not Ark hunting ;-)
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