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    A friend and I was sword dueling on top of the golden gate bridge and we made up a rule that if you fall or are knocked off you loose. And it struck me that this would make an awesome event. You could make it sword only but that would exclude non sword holders but either way, this would make an awesome event to run like the basketball championships are run with a bracket and you have to win the match to proceed to the next tier.

    So what do you think? even if you don't make this an official event, its a pretty cool idea and a clan could host it and offer a jp for the winner(s). I would be willing to donate a jp or two as well and you could give away less desirable jp's for those the make is to the final 4 and a good jp for the winner.

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    I actually like this idea. I'll be relaying it to my clan for sure.

    (Created by Tauriiel )

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    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE NOT PLAYING HIGHLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next person who thinks of doing this is I am cutting off their head with a slow rotating fan. Since there can be only one!!!!!!

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    There can be only one!

    I have a close friend in defiance terminators clan (PS3/NA) and I am going to see if they will sponsor the event, if anyone from eternal souls wants to do the same, that would be great. I would like to see this be like a weekly event, that would be pretty cool and you could make wagers on who is going to be end up at the top among your friends or do like people who bet in a prize pool on basketball championships.

    I suggest you have one referee stand on one end and video record each duel and upload on youtube, you could compile the whole event as one youtube video for all to see. I am sure everyone wants to see the duel but it would get really crowded if everyone wanted front row seats while the contestants were dueling.


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    Just do a 1 mil entry fee and distribute the winnings to the top 3 instead of solely relying on clans to provide prizes.

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    How are the girls going to be able to participate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canobis View Post
    How are the girls going to be able to participate?
    They'll bring their toyfriend's sword. They own it anyway =^.^=

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    It would be nice if it was at that one place where they have the mutant siege at for more space but utilized as a non one on one brawl. Whoever has the most kills in twelve minutes is the winner. Trion would have to run it to disable the use of your secondary weapon but not the perks those secondary weapons give us such as increased speed movement, healing abilities, or increased damage and nano abilities.

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    They ought put the damned Monolith back on the bay bridge, actually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crasher View Post
    They ought put the damned Monolith back on the bay bridge, actually.
    How did the Monolith work?
    What happened if a player who had cleared Into the Heart of Darkness was in the Monolith's location but a newbie was there as well? Would the Monolith spawn? Would it only be visible by the newbie?
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