The Event Horizon looms! Syphon empowered enemies have invaded paradise. Fight off Scrappers and Dark Matter, while they try to steal your life force! Complete brand new Arkfalls for new rewards and contracts!

Finish the daily and weekly contracts to get your weekly reward. The reward will contain a guaranteed Legendary Accelerated weapon and an epic mod with the chance to be legendary (chance at a jackpot weapon).

A new pursuit has been added called "Gravitational Collapse". Complete this pursuit during the Event Horizon event to receive a special reward: epic jackpot weapon "Higgs" (Full Auto Slugger) and the title "Singularity".


Ether Acceleration
[1] +7.5% Ammo pool regen / 10s
[2] +15% Reload
[3] Damaging an enemy applies particle overload for 15s (Cooldown: 0.5 s). Particle overload increases damage taken by 2.5% (Max Stacks: 10)
[4] Applying particle overload to an enemy improves accuracy, recoil, and rate of fire by 2.5% for 7.5s (Max Stacks: 10)

New Manufacturer: Accelerated grants an additional 10% Nano Proc Chance and 5% Life and Shield Steal! Every Accelerated weapon will have this innate bonus.

Jackpot weapon types: Mass Blaster (NEW X3 shot pistol), Slagger (NEW Rapid fire Slugger), Blast Rifle, Pulser, HP-A Wolfhound (Full-Auto), Auto Sniper Rifle (Full Auto), LM-43 Thunder

All of the jackpot weapons have brand new space themed skins!


HP-A Wolfhound: A fully automatic wolfhound with very high fire rate!

Auto Sniper Rifle: A fully automatic sniper rifle.

Mass Blaster: A pistol that splits 1 bullet into 3 with a very high rate of fire. Similar to the Blast Rifle.


Voyager Pack:
  • RM Nomad V6 "Nebula" vehicle
  • Legendary Accelerated Bombardier with brand new skin
  • “Voyager” Title