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    Unfortunately you didn't go down to the deep end where I was but if you look at zone chat on the video time 15.27 you can see i said yay 21st again.

    If that doesn't qualify then no worries.

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    found myself from 0:35 to 0:36.
    Quote Originally Posted by CM Kiwibird View Post
    This is one of my favorite threads.

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    Hi mate 12:40-12:41

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    I was here with clan mates but cant read any name on ths video(((((((((

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    Hello, sorry I tried to watch the video full screen on TV but you do not see well and I can not see too well the names because the video runs in a hurry. I'm sorry. But W84IT can say that I was there and I won the 10 place (if I remember correctly). Thank you. Hello.

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    Im sended picture (screenshot) to your PSN acc with me 0n 0.33 and found frog-tired here in 0.32 he go to right from u

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    Contest Entry Closed the remaining unclaimed reward will be distributed when i find u online Kelly and DOMIN8TRIX

    Thanks for all your participation , Incursion event will be held again thursday april 13th 10 minutes after daily contract reset

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