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    Quote Originally Posted by stoodakiss View Post
    100% works every time, hope that helps.
    Yeah and 50% works 100% of the time 50% of the time

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    Yea. It's a gamble alright. I know one player that failed at 80% (pictured to the left). Hard lesson.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevrin View Post
    Yea. It's a gamble alright. I know one player that failed at 80% (pictured to the left). Hard lesson.
    That hurts ME a little inside. I think I would have shot my monitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bentu View Post
    Well what do you expect when everyone comes on here saying that they have the best success between 5 and 20%.

    When you think about it that's quite good odds plus they did say ages ago that they'd monitor the amount of supremes coming into the game and adjust it as necessary.
    Hi and welcome to defiance where if trion doesn't get you the grievers will. Yea that goes on here, the little grievers come and say this and that and trion is watching and listening and the next thing you know I go to sup a weapon and figuring that using an 80% chance of success will get it and guess what happens Blam Failure.

    So now I use only the 100% chance and it costs 2760 arkforge but at least I always get my supreme and trion always gets their money. What a concept huh
    In fact just supremed an Ironclad V Ark today, great shield but costly. The only reason I even did was because it was syphon nano resist and high cap. Very rare for that type of shield.

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    100% costs 2840 arkforge.
    I've failed @ 90%, succeeded @5%.
    15% seems to be my sweet spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ackeron View Post
    At 25 percent it usually takes me about 3 to 5 tries to supreme a weapon. Every now and then I will get a stubborn one though. Now if you combine all the rolls you may try to get though, (mastery roll, changing one of the tier rolls etc), you can spend a lot of forge. Basically, I hope they didn't nerf it, for there's more we do to weapons then just supreme them.

    I just woke up and I was about to write supreming but thought that isn't a word. Well, it is and it means.. a technique that removes the membrane from citrus fruit so it can be served in slices. ya, I just looked it up is how I know that now.
    I know ive remastered my supreme sap 13x..6 of those being crit..the rest werer crit from the hip and some sort of speed feet..ive said this so many times, but there is now way this is based soley on randomess. Its bs.. the suggestion that someone made about masteries having to cycle thru makes alot of sense and needs to be implemented.

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    You guys have no idea about the struggles mastering reload on zaggers. If you did you wouldn't be complaining about this nonsense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OverDoneOne View Post
    In fact just supremed an Ironclad V Ark because it was syphon nano resist. Very rare for that type of shield.
    Mmmmm...That does sound rare.
    Quote Originally Posted by nick145 View Post
    I love the guy slinger weapons for some unknown reason... I may have a problem

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    As mentioned by a few already. Absolutely no "failures" at 100%.

    Have had several failures at less.

    I choose to save for the 100% the majority of the time...
    "It is what it is..."
    Quote Originally Posted by Destromathe View Post
    I can assure you that we care deeply about Defiance.
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    I like 30%, it usually only takes once or twice but yeah, sometimes I find a stubborn one. I tried 5, 10 and 15 once just to see what kind of success rates I get and out of over a dozen time, I gave up.

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