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    Is that a serious question?
    The cores at majors are over way too fast and the enemy feel very squishy at TL 10.

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    Definitely amped up nicely over Tuesdays events.

    I did note a few times odd exp scores jump up, I caught one at like 84000 out of the corner of my eye, but couldn't be 100% sure.

    Exploding barrels are the devil, especially when they seem to respawn.

    The ark debris felt glitchy, there were a few times where I got knocked/backed into it and I went "through" or got stuck in it. I know it happens, but I don't think I have ever noticed that so much during a major.

    And umm, 10 hulkers on the field at once is a lot...

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    everything is running good for me

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    Looks pretty smooth so far... The real test will come when they add the weapons so we can make sure nothings bugged there. Italian dish? - lasagna..

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    Feels a lot like the HH event without the green fog. I did notice that the Hulkers are not taking a knee to show their crit spot. The majority of the finals we tested today did seem to last awhile though, but that could be because there wasn't near as many ppl playing compared to live servers.
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    The Hulkers hit really hard.......I like that......I also like the large crit area on the Hulkers. No rubberbanding no lagg seems pretty stable....Everything seems to be running fine.....AMD system with ATI R9 280 vid card.

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    Could someone post a video of the major at tl11?


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    Reminds me a lot of NVF, but with hulkers. I hate the exploding barrels because there is always that one person that shoots it and downs you as you walk by or it spawns, smh. I hated the running attack from a Trembler, the recoil time to get up is horrible especially since they can gang up on you and hit you once while standing up and almost down you instantly. Getting ganged up by Tremblers and Hulkers is bad, getting hit with a running attack by the trembler then trying to run away but getting hit by a Hulker and autofacing him just to be downed when turning back around to run then getting smacked by the zombie. LOL. Things that I liked was that it is a lot easier than Event Horizon and I do love Hulkers for the bullet sponges and weapon mastery easy targets that they are can't wait to see the new synergy

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    enemy health is a lot better now.. as was previously stated the barrels are a nightmare... 1 barrel took 3 people out, i thought that was a bit rediculous. As an added feature maybe sometime in the future, i would like to see a wall/barrier put in place around the dark red circle to prevent people taking the enemies out of the area, that way we can stop the rubberbanding/FULL hp-shield reset... it gets old to go wondering around the whole area to find an enemy which followed someone out or have the final last a long time due to the resetting of health/shields.
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    Its an event like all others. Can't find big differences. Rubberbanding/glitching works as ever/intended. Minors are to fast over. Enough Hulkers which will one-shot you, don't show their weakspot and make the major last forever. uhm...I don't think its a good idea to change the barrels that they can't hit players (at all).

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