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    [Pretty much Rant] Do we need enemies to have OHKO attacks to make them interesting?

    Okay, here goes nothing.

    I've been thinking lately that, to be honest, enemies don't seem to have enough counterplay. I feel there isn't enough interaction with them on those Arkfalls or Expeditions where each of them seem to have attacks that either kill you instantly - or leave very little reaction time.

    Scorchers in mutant expeditions are the one worst offenders for me. You can't get close because they insta-gib you, and can't also stay at range because they move faster than you do and their throwing... machete? also possibly kills you instantly on Round 2+.

    Monoliths are extremely frustrating - although it's understandable to die (Or get extracted, actually) often against a giant enemy with that type of weaponry. Thematically wise? Okay. Gameplay wise? Not really fun.

    Lately in the Event Horizon, there are enemies like Shrill Feeders that are just stupid. (sorry). If you don't get killed by their artillery shot, you get killed by the acid pool they leave behind, or get punished heavily for standing on it for a brief moment. Shrill in general have pretty stale gameplay - Leeches have moderately high HP for such tiny beings, explode on death. Stalkers spawn Leeches on top of you. Harbingers have very high amounts of HP, a very tiny critical damage spot, also spawn leeches on top of you, explode on death, and generally kill you in one or two hits.

    Scrapper Forgers? Okay, they can kill you in one or two hits, but they're predictable and aren't many in numbers.

    On the other hand, Dark Matter Bulwarks on the Event Horizon attacks are faster and tend to make people get the hell out of the Arkfall Zone because, you guessed, they also kill quickly. Unlike normal Bulwarks, these don't get stunned temporarily after getting damaged for so much on their missile launchers. Which is annoying.

    Scrapper Omnivolts are probably the most balanced ones, because they're slow moving and only use melee attacks. They kill but... slowly. kinda.

    Imo there should be some other kind of counterplay that isn't "Pray to the hundreds of gods that (don't) exist (and to exist) that your enemies somehow don't shoot you while you mantain fire on them" for the moments that Cloak isn't available. That is, if you use Cloak.

    I don't feel that dying often is necessary for an enemy or for a group of enemies to be unique and/or interesting.

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    we can do it to them. i dont see why not...

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