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    Mar 2017
    Recently added:

    Friday the 13th (PS4)

    Fire Pro Wrestling World (PC)
    1982 Counselor of the Year

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    May 2016
    Twilight Zone
    Mass Effect 1-3
    Dead space 1-3
    All Halo's minus Halo Wars
    Cod blk ops & ghosts
    Left 4 Dead both
    Few Gran Turismos
    Most forzas

    And a few others
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    The Killing Joke (Clan)

    "Mass Cannon when you absolutely have to kill every Mother Trucker on the board accept no substitutes"

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    keep adding a few more:
    FIFA 14, 15 and 16, motorstorm apocalypse, mod nation for PS3 and a few more i just don't remember
    For PS4, Shadow of mordor, and most of the free and PS Plus games, so don't know them all.
    playing those f*cking clickers and battle islands, kind of addicting games. hopefully will end in a month or so and delete those b*tches!!

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