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Thread: R.I.P. Cybermom

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    R.I.P. Cybermom69, Nikita69

    Unfortunately I have to take this opportunity to let players know that Cybermom69, Nikita69 died today.

    I know she knew lots of players and I have no way of letting them know.
    I feel like this is the only way to let anyone know.

    I'm sure she will be missed by all that knew her.

    if you know of someone that you think knew her could you please pass this on, she was in Shoot Warmaster In Back and Cronus Clan.

    a friend was thinking we could have a little impromptu get together today inbetween/during 4-9 pm eastern, don't know what we're doing, come along if you want, bring a car.

    anyone who knew cybermom69, nikita69 online who would like to join some friends of hers let us know in zone chat or whisper miss teri, bring a pink car for breast cancer awareness If you can, if not just come along and bring a car map coords 2990, 3812 you'll have to find the phase.

    favorite Weapon, FRC Sub Carbine and VBI SS2-Ranger (and of course a smg and wolfhound for warmaster)
    be mindful of what you ask to be 'fixed'

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    Rest in piece cybermom didnt know this player personaly hope it was a easy parting from this world.

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    This is unfortunate but thank you for letting us know, she'll be missed by many, my prayers to all friends and family.

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    Stand at the water tower, and you'll have a better view of the whole area when the bugs come out. Picked this up from her the last time I caught up with her doing a daily contract at big stone reach. Never really new her personally but among others her IGN is a familiar one in zone chat. Rest in peace

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    What a tremendous loss..what a wonderfully dear, sweet woman. We will miss her terribly.

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    Goodbye, you will be missed.

    Targen Voores/PC-NA

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    Feels crappy to hear this news, especially after I survive it twice. Its a deadly, life ruining disease that kills millions, and its pretty much a 50/50 on whether you live or die, its like a disease that plays god with your life. Its heartbreaking to hear that it has happened to someone well known and legendary as her. I urge people to seriously donate a little or alot to research to this kind of illness, as any money could be the change on whether they live or die. I hope things improve from here on out and that Trion see this and possibly acknowledge this. It would be nice to see something ingame that resembles how legendary she was.

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    Rest in peace cybermom , you are missed.

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