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    Sternenhimmel über Paradise

    Ich hab da was gefunden. Kategorie: unnützes Wissen.

    Wusstet ihr, das die Sterne im Spiel an den originalen Orten sind, wie sie tatsächlich am Himmel über San Francisco stehen?
    Es ist nicht nur irgendeine Sternenhimmel Map die über unseren Archenjägerköpfen funkelt, jeder Stern in Paradise ist an derselben Stelle wie er auch über dem "echten" SanFran steht!

    Woher ich das weiß?

    Developer Interview - LoCarb
    Do you have any amusing tales to tell from behind the scenes of development?

    Actually there was one recently, it’s probably more amusing as a dev - you had to be there moment. As you know for Alcatraz we changed the MAX EGO rating from 5900 to 6000. Upon searching where we have that in code, one of our engineers stumbled upon an odd file in the game named stars (or something to that effect), it just happened to have the value” 5900” in there. He basically said “what the heck is this file?” and “what are all of these numbers for?” they were obviously locations. After a little bit of digging we discovered that all of the stars in the sky in game are real locations of stars if you were actually in the San Francisco area. It is not a texture map of stars in the sky they are real locations that twinkle. So the next time you are in paradise look up at the night sky and appreciate the awesomeness of code.
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    Interessant !

    Man sagt ja auch , daß man mit bloßen Auge in einer "pitch-dark-night" ca. 6000 Sterne sehen kann.

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