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    Why people use a sniper and jump around in PVP, and why you should too.

    I'm only posting this to even the PVP field a bit (i hope).

    There is a glitch or whatever that's been around forever. A lot of the "Awesome PVP god" players exploit it heavily. Sadly some try to talk smack and pretend they are just that good.

    But if you have a sniper equipped in hand and jump around, enemy player names and health bars appear through walls, through hills, through vehicles, and from so far away they can't even see you. So they just aim below your name and shoot you, unable to actually see you, and unless you are doing it too you have a really really hard time in PVP.

    I know a lot of people quit PVP cause of this because they are unknowing about the exploit. And honestly it makes me not want to PVP even knowing the exploit. I'm not able to use my skill nor gage the other players skill, I'm merely fighting and exploit with the same exploit. Fun times....

    Now you know why noobs get slaughtered and then stop doing PVP, sadly before they even really get to PVP.

    This is what is really killing PVP. Not some afk'ers getting rep. I would hope the Dev's would like to eradicate this so they can stop these silly "pvp balance" changes they keep having to figure out, they don't change the problem because equipped sniper + jumping = OP enemy player still remains, no matter what damage mitigation gets changed to.

    It probably shouldn't even be called PVP, maybe something more truthful like, P sniper V exploiting P.

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    Not to mention the CV is just a long range sawed off I quit pvp long before the CV but it'll never be fixed keep going though.

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    Solution would be removing name bars and health bars but the problem was known for 3 years.
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    lol I didn't know this, explains a lot lol
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    Have known about this for quite some time – mainly because when I started playing Defiance, I watched a lot of youtube videos on gameplay etc .

    I don’t really do PvP, but I have found this quirk quite useful in PvE, when trying to find hidden enemies at arkfalls etc. So...if this is removed from PvP but left in PvE, that would be nice .
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    Want Balance Here Ya Go

    Very simply put, trion can balance PvP by making it so that all players have to choose a loadout of 2 weapons from 6 or 8 Set Weapon choices before entering PvP (trion's weapons not player weapons). And if you leave the match you can't reenter it until a new match starts, that will stop the bouncing in and out of picking a side to join, which has also thrown off the Random balance in PvP.
    Also having set weapons choices will also cut down on the lag caused by the server having to carry the load of all the players inventory and stuff.

    Get rid of the sniper rifle in PvP no one ever did like campers since the beginning of PvP

    Making it so that all players have the same choices between 6 or 8 weapons for their 2 weapon loadout. Will give everyone a chance while balancing the playing field to where Skill is all that matters and counts.

    Think about it, it's called Player Versus Player for a Reason. Not player versus weapon, not player versus glitch and not player versus bots !

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