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    Oh my, what have we done. Guess we had just a little too much fun. But what comes down, goes up again. Don't you worry about me my friend. The resist only made a mess of you. You wrecked your car and you cracked your tooth. Come and sing our sewer song. Where the meek get loud and the weak get strong. Brother my oldest friend. Pour yourself back up again. Don't you be no graveyard man. Time to finish what you began. The boots and rallies.
    I've heard that Defiance is substantially smoother now with less employees "running" the servers:

    I've also overheard Ark-hunters speaking German lately..

    Welcome to Defiance:

    ..And I'm off, excelsior!

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    All I saw in this two page post is blah blah blah someone bring me my crazy pills blah blah blah.

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