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    Project Ascension

    (Walks in the Ark Grand Hall's Press Conference, taking the Stage, opening the Planet Ark File)......

    Greetings to Arkfall Board Of Directors, Arkfall Npc Associations, Arkfall Industries, Max Shop Industries, Faction Forefathers and Organizations, President Of The Ark, Ark-Diplomats, Defiance-Senators, Regional Representaives, General Masters, Development Masters, Ark-Bookkeepers, Earth Republic Officals, Intelligence and Lawkeeper Tuxedos, Ark-Hunters, and Ark-Civilians, who have gathered at the Ark Grand Hall/The Forum, (far and near), at the request of Central Horizon.

    I'm Bushede Jade, a descendant of The Broods. About four years ago, (within the World Of Defiance), nearing the end of the first era, Ark Grand Hall approached Arkfall Board Of Directors with a proposition. I was a student in the Brood Clan during that era. AF Board Of Directors then approached the Leader Of The Broods, who then, went from Region to Region, and through Dialogues and Sitdowns, (based on equal footing and many respects), Regional Alliance, (which was Headquarters in Muir) was born.

    The Broods began Recruiting Ark Chasers under two Banners. One was, Ark Travelers who became their characters, instead of just playing the game. Two was, Ark Travelers who left Reality's teachings, rules, regulations, and it's imagination behind, (being that it haven't succeed into gold standards), when they landed on the Ark, since it doesn't exist in Game World, thus embracing Gameplanet's imagination, since it's required in adventuring beyond, and to distant planes. With Defiance's time chronicles, Ark Travelers bloomed into their own league. Such an anomaly celebration of unique conditions, (a Neko Production), re-established the Ark-Councial with eight Regional Representatives and Clan Association, as Heads within a Planet Campaign, that was later on called Project Ascension, wherein, one Network under a Region, (not a Clan), permiered onward, but as off the Record/Map, and rightly so.

    Once Letter Of Credentials and Grammatical Significance was ready for departure, a Major Arkfall was spawned, and while many Ark Hunters raced in to deal with the Arkfall, Regional Alliance received ghost writing, a nearby building's accessible has been unlocked by Ark-Engineers. Entering the building four by four, we fought 16 stories down, (very heated excahnges), where we arrived before huge doors with 4 holes in it. Four by Four, each Ark Traveler put their First Shield in the door. Before us stood the only working Ship, and we ascended. It took about 30 minutes in real time during..,we had no clue where the Pilot was taking us, but when the Regional Alliance landed, we landed on a Planet call The Rock, (the second of three Planets/Maps), where we were the ants, and Opposition Alliance were supreme, and once disembarking, went straight into Operation Arkfall. The highest Ranking Arkfall. When the Regional Alliance open fire, we found out our Gears, was Level 1 Gears, while Imagination on the Rock, was Level 2, and then some, and rightly so. Everyone scattered, and for months, it was a Hit and Run Operation, and Regional Alliance was fine with that.

    (Planet Rock's Status): On the Rock, no Region, City, Town, Outpost, Village, or Area is considered safe chemistry. Any place on the Map can be conquered, and can be declared a PVP Zone, and when that happens, Opposition Alliance is coming. If you're Character falls defeated, and is not revived in time, that Charcater will not spawn again. Instead, you'll be loaded back to Create a new character's screen, where you begin on the Map Of Beginnings, a Map/Planet that many Ark Travelers already know of. You can purchase land on the Rock, but you have to build any from scratch. Mines, Caves, Ark-Raids, Resources, and so forth is open for abstraction. After we finally completed the Operation Arkfall, we unlocked 1 of three final Perks, which introduced us to our first Sub-Class. Also, the Rock has it's own Chat Network, divided from the Chat Network on the Ark, and so much and for good reasons. The Rock has Area, Regional, World, and Planet Bosses, who don't sit in their Bases, and wait for us to come to them...

    (Getting back to why we have gathered at the Grand Hall) Seven Months ago, we suffered a huge defeat on the Rock, and was forced to C4 the City we ourselves built, through Team Work and coordination, and lost Planet Rock.

    That day, (seven months ago), The Broods were directing a Large Ark-Raid. Legion Of Doom and Battle Corp were station in the City. The President Of The Ark writing his speech, which K-Tam Radio on the Ark was setting to Broadcast, when Opposition Alliance declared Open Battle on the City. It was said by many who was in the City, that when Opposition asked the City and Ark Hunters to surrender, the President Of The Ark, who's no longer with us, fired a Rocket Launcher dirt-napping Oppostion Alliance's Head Commander, as our decoration of a White Flag, then Legion Of Doom, Battle Corp, and every Clan with us opened Fired, and all hell broke loose.

    (Meanwhile), we, The Broods, miles away, was about to enter a Cave to collect Important Resources to get our Cannons operational, noticed the City on fire, and wreck everything in sight making our way to the city. By time we arrived in the City, half the City was under seige, and met up Cerebral who figured out, Opposition Alliance was after our Tech, which will allow them to access the Ark-Portal, and make their way to the Planet Of Beginnings. Planet Ark, so Regional Alliance decided the're campaign haven't met Defiance's extention. Most of Regional Alliance made it to the Portal in time, but there was a problem. Remote access screening our invitation, didn't go off, and had to make our way back to Tech Corp's building. Legion Of Doom, Battle Corp, and Brood Quarters held Opposition Alliance off, while all Clan Leaders and Second Chain In Command, fought their way to the Chargers.

    Reaching the Top Floor, we saw the President Of The Ark re-wiring the Chargers, who told us to give the order for everyone to teleport outside the City, and run for the Portal. The last words we heard was, " Those who Insult Planet Ark's Consilence, Defiance !@#$%^ *&^%$#", and pressed the button.

    We Ark Breakers, running along side our Teachers/Leaders, sprinting for the Portal, almost made it to the Portal that was closing, but many of us was caught in the Blast, and we were fine with that, though it did hurt to see the City go up in flames. I got caught in the blast myself.

    Once many of us was Reborn on the Ark, we couldn't beat ourselves up, since we were fine with results, nor did we have time, after receiving Intell, Opposition Alliance's Tech learned our Tech, and is making their way to the Planet Ark, and no Ark Hunter on the Planet Of Beginnings is ready for them, and have Launched the 4th Project Ascension, but there's a number of things Regional Alliance have to confront, before Project Ascension can succeed forth in the final stage. 1: Ark-Scientist and Engineers have to rebuild the Starship. 2: We have to deal with Defiance's Awakening/Opposition Alliance. 3: An Ark Storm's Arrival, which has been brewing in Ocean Grapics, which is set to hit the Pow Regions, according to reports on K-Tam Radio. 4: Venture from Region to Region, and Dialogue with Regional Arkfall Industries, into unlocking resources needed for Project Ascension, and other Major Regional Alliance's Projects. 5: Rebuild what was lost during the Pale Wars, and so forth. 6: The Activation Of Operation Arkfall on The Ark, which details of Operation Arkfall will be shared with General and Development Masters

    Now that phase one of Project Ascension is completed. Phase two just begun..

    Before ending this Conference at the Ark Grand Hall, we want to be clear on something, which will surface during humble beginnings....,From my many Travelers, i've learned that 99.9% of Ark Chasers mentality quit, but not all. So if deadfall's redeem, " Oh i been Traveling in the World Of Defiance for years and haven't seen any of this..., Regional Alliance have three Questions for these Ark Hunters. When the World Of Defiance was established, was the Console in your hands, or the Ark Grand Hall's hands? Two: Who were you following, and why? Three: Did you become your Character, or just played the game?, since that point of reveiw is easier.

    To all that have gathered for this Press Conference at The Ark Grand Hall, many thanks for attending

    (Side note. If that's the Memory Lane i think it is. Please forgive me. My love ones staged a Takeover in the Game World, we once Traveled. By time i tried to get back, it was too late, so i went solo, since it has character. Good to see you too

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    I've heard that Defiance is substantially smoother now with less employees "running" the servers:

    I've also overheard Ark-hunters speaking German lately..

    Welcome to Defiance:

    ..And I'm off, excelsior!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xSalemx View Post
    Forgive me, but i think you're under the assumption this is a Story, and therefore misunderstood. This was a Planet Event which took place, (Within), the Game, but off Radar, since there wasn't room for everyone on the Ship. However, this time around, Project Ascension is going Live, and Central Horizon was born for this Planet Pursuit.

    When an Ark Traveler is acknowledged by Arkfall Npc Associations, (within) the World Of Defiance, you'll greet the Second Understanding, not before. When we all was Reborn on the Planet Of Beginnings, we came back to relight the Beacon. Only this time around, it's my turn to lead, while the Old Elites recovers mentally. This is the 4th Project Ascension by the way. However though, i understood your theater's gravitational, and was only clearing summerfall's zone effect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushede Jade View Post
    Forgive me, but i think you're under the assumption this is a Story, and therefore misunderstood. This was a Planet Event which took place, (Within), the Game, but off Radar, since there wasn't room for everyone on the Ship. However, this time around, Project Ascension is going Live, and Central Horizon was born for this Planet Pursuit.

    When an Ark Traveler is acknowledged by Arkfall Npc Associations, (within) the World Of Defiance, you'll greet the Second Understanding, not before. When we all was Reborn on the Planet Of Beginnings, we came back to relight the Beacon. Only this time around, it's my turn to lead, while the Old Elites recovers mentally. This is the 4th Project Ascension by the way. However though, i understood your theater's gravitational, and was only clearing summerfall's zone effect
    Wow! That is very interesting, please tell me more.
    Lt PawPaw Paperbounds Scrapheaps GOBO.

    I've heard that Defiance is substantially smoother now with less employees "running" the servers:

    I've also overheard Ark-hunters speaking German lately..

    Welcome to Defiance:

    ..And I'm off, excelsior!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xSalemx View Post
    Wow! That is very interesting, please tell me more.
    Lt PawPaw Paperbounds Scrapheaps GOBO.

    (Driving Rigg, heading for the Frontlines in Bloodbath)

    Once cafeteria, what was the legacy you asked?

    After the fall of Stone City, it sparked Elections across the board, (on the Ark), being that Officals, Organizations, Associations, and Arkfall Industries, had questions vigorously criticizing answers, and similarities befriended, prospects dualistics complex information as to happening propelling. Therefore, sunflowers afooting imagination had to be convinced enormously, so Scarr Note and Clan Association, (who was the Second Agreement, if the Expansion went south of The Rock), border-crest The Math Petition into action, and went to work, and thundered common ground with Arkfall's Board Of Directors, Arkfall's Npc Associations, AF Industries, and Faction Forefathers and Organizations, and jaguar to Leaderboard Bushidos that pollen regards chosen a new coat to relight the beacon, but not before the Ark Grand Hall, (who was hit the hardest during Elections), suffered huge losses on Defiance/The Ark's political stage.

    Weeks later on the Ark, parading numbers span available associated with our cause, nominated Bushede Jade to relight the beacon, and millennimus him as Representatives of Bloodbath, so Central Horizon was born. Ovation my teaching, (orchestra by the Leader Of the Broods, a decorated young lady with true grit), we set out venturing from Region to Region, and through dialogue and nutritious Sitdowns, Regional Alliance was reborn, but performatory with the 4th Planet Ark Generation, who were wild and un-censored, and rightly so, as i once was, before greeting the Leader Of The Broods. Got shot at. One Ark Hunter blew up our Headquarters in Bloodbath, cause we forgot to call her back, (no one was there thankfully). Got jacked for a Rigg. One put a hit on me, but reasoned with the Ark-Bounty Hunter after they run out of Ammo. I couldn't exchage back, cause i couldn't stop laughing. Think they fired about 1500 proximities at us, and only agreed to reason after they ran out of ammo. After getting down to business though, they had fine qualities, purpose, and roles they were seeking to achieve, which would benefit all Ark Travelers, but not all Ark Chasers greeted us that way on arrival. The adventure was beautiful, and so the Ark-Councial was re-born.

    Central Horizon's goal is to re-established Communications, Market Networks, Trade Routes, Regional Operations, Ark-Raid Contracts, Regional Activities, Regional Loyalties, Rebuilding Projects, Bases Of Operations, Property Contracts, and much more, under one Banner, for
    each Regional Representatives, (Headquarters in the Muir District), which the Ark Grand Hall/The Forum can build around as Defiance Icons, as it was in past Project Ascensions, once each Regional Representative Imagination have been Acknowledged by Two Panels, (within) the World Of Defiance, which is Rostered with General Masters, Development Masters, and Ark Hunters as well. That's Arkfall Board Board Of Directors, and AF's Npc Association which monitors, and Graduate Ark Travelers based on their Gameplanet Imagination, and after nominated, are Shrine with a Base Of Operation related to their Role, and purpose on the Ark.

    (Meanwhile else-where)

    The Head 7th, Legion Of Doom, Battle Corp, The Broods, and many other Clans who survived the Blast, and Opposition Alliance's decoration on the Rock, were planning a Counter Offensive we last heard, before we lost signal with them......,

    (Hits the brakes coming to a halt. Open the door joining nightfall)

    " I think i hit something, or someone. Be right back. I took my eyes on the road. Sammit."

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    AF Npc Association's Exchange and Market Envoys, sequence Ark Hunter's warranty torn abilities, (during it's 4th Market Auditorium this month), punch-lining, illiteracy's horizons for not networking protection for arriving and departing Market Representatives/Ncp Organization's Ark Merchants, which desperado has resulted in 20 Merchants deadball, chemistry from each Regional this Ark-year. If Ark Traveler's imagination, obligation, and responsibility can't levitate beyond thier disadvantages, dehydrated commodities may be pending, since individual explaination's still assuming, Regional Vendors (Supplies) advances to the next Rank without AF's Npc Associations, and Ark Hunter's cooperation.

    For the past two months, Arkfall Industry's Npc Organization Ark-Merchants, revitalizing Trade Routes in the Region of Muir and abroad, (which have been appearing on the Map as a white shopping cart), have been fending themselves and their Shipments, with no relief in sight, an element that the Exchange and Market Commisson highlighted at the 4th Market Auditorium, and stressed onward...., when Npc Association's Ark-Merchants are sighted and protected, the Region they arrive in recieve, first the Ark Chaser who protected them and their Shipment, is rewardly nominated base on the Shipment the Ark-Merchant is transporting, and their Trade Route's Defense's level. When the Npc Ark-Merchant disappears, that Region's Market Block (Supply Vendor), is method with a potion of Market Experience, and should that Region Market Block level up, a new Market Rank is redeem, which opens a path for new Gears and production in that Region.

    However, if Ark Travelers refuse to defend AFI's Npc Association Ark Merchants, donning arrival in any Region abroad, that Region's Market Block will now lose ribbons related with Market Ascensions, and rightly so. This Market symbolics/stats is no longer reserve to Ark Traveler's accord to math, or visual, since the're not the Exchange, or Trading Commisson, being that sand-fines haven't been holding up their side of agreements.

    (Side Note), when spotting a white shopping cart in places, (on the map), where normally, Ark Travelers wouldn't see in that Area, make haste to get there. You won't have much time.

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    (Undisclosed Location on Bloodbath's Frontlines: A Rigg pulled up near the Runaway, synchronizing short of a Private Ark-Plane's legitimacy. Doors following, Bushede and Associates stride for stride illuminated foward down for down, unusually purple evening Dirt Mountain's maturity. Visual's gratification feldspar meadowland horizons and linage adventures balling, before specifying with the Runaway Pilot's compromises. Mammoth, and fanning with relaxation, (with the Ark-Plane had already taken off), Jade opens the Ark Newspaper reading up on World Ark News)

    (Front Page)
    Written, Recorded, and Reported by Rebel Ark-Journalist, Silver Goldwater...

    (Earth Republic: Mounting up)

    (Earth Republic Officals received it's first green light from Defiance Headquarters, and is elevating a movement, and is sending E-Rep Officers to Regions abroad, (A Central Horizon plan of Offensives). Earth Republic is putting together a Fire Team of Infantry Veterns, Liberty Heavy Toopers, SPD Heavy Troopers, Delta Six Operators, Special Ops, 3 Urban Commando-s, CBMC Marines, 1 Commando, Omega Recons, Field Engineers, Factory Engineers, Workshop Engineers, Ark-Miners Of All Classes, EMC Scouts, Republic Rangers, Urban Warriors, and Scrapwork Salvagers, which D-Headquarters asked Central Horizon's Executives, can Bloodbath's New Decorated Battle Commander, (and Clan Association), lead the Fire Team?, who's also Battle Commander of Regional Alliance's Ranks. And Regional Alliance is now mobilizing. Arkfall Industries and Regions acrossing, (far and near), has been reported, as assembling to Support the Commander.

    (Massive Regional Operations are setting to begin, and the first Target Of Earth Republic, is a Mine located on border's defining, aqueduct between Iron Ranch/The Do Ranch and Pow Farms, after a Famous Ark-Explorer discovered Silver, which the Financial Sector and Arkfall's Npc Associations stability, Silver Scrip can be printed, and used for Regional Development, plus Ark Hunters using it's currency as Property Investing, City Investing, or to Invest in Regional Uniques as a whole in general.)

    (Tech Corp and World Ark's Libarians, (mathemacials fading to beyonds), fashion their researched inquiries on the Map's characteristics, it's quoted here, "As Brilliantly Interesting", and originated the Mine's superficial is fragmently a Daughter of Tower Of Mirriors, that Spartans a Shield Generator within the Illusion beyond the Portal-Ark. Meaning, when the Fire Team arrivals at the center of the Mine, a Portal awaits them, and in the Portal jades an illusion, but in the illusion Lair's a Shield Generator, which seals Ark Forage City with a mirror visual, from Ark Traveler's misunderstandings, then deactivate it and should appear on World Ark's Map, but won't be accessible to Ark Travelers in the beginning, it's been quoted.

    (Bushede turns the Newspaper to page 2....)

    (Arkfall Industries who were criticized by Ark-Diplomats, for not supporting Regional Alliance's preparation more,( who's confronting Defiance's soon to awaken), donated the World Ark-Site again, (Ark Forage City, (A City Of Resources) not ark forage, having The Ark Watch adding, "All Ark Hunters in time will benefit." Structured with a Portal-Ark built within it's mist, Ark-Scientist were over caused with excitement abbrevating, "Regional, Global, World, and Planet Ark-Raids, may be closer to possiblity", which a chained of events soon followed.)

    (Participation of all parties fabled, "Each Portal is different. There's Portal Arks, which are World/Global Portal Teleportation related to either unlocking other parts of World Ark's/Map, New Discoveries, Mines, Outposts, Unsealing Areas and Places Of Interest, Artifacts Of World Ark Sites, the beginning of World Of Defiance's new Era, with Descendant-ed Ark Supporting Arks, so if The Fire Team, or Fire Teams, enters A Tower Of Mirror's Ascended Thoughtfulness, the Fire Team is spawn in the middle of it's Illusion, which can be another World/Map, City and surroundings, A Region and Surroundings, dawn in Open Battle and the Map must be Conquered, An Ancient World Ark Memory, A Regional Setting/Request Campaigning Dialogues, An Ark-University Course at Ark-Universal, which has been rumored, the toughest and sweating Illusion that only 843 Ark Chasers, and more than 20,000 Arkfall Npc Associates/Civilians Of The Ark, out of millions pass that Illusion, that's always different in forms, but in most statistical prehistorics, no Data has predicted what Illustion the Fire Team will greet, being that Tower Of Mirror's Effect piano many Spheres." "An Ark Portal is a Planet to Planet Bridge, establishd first by Tech Beacons on each Planet, before AF's Npc Association Tech Core permissions Planet to Planet Teleportation.")

    (Bushede Scrolls over to page 3....)

    (World Ark Business: Market Awakens...,Written, Recorded, Documented, and Reported by Pictorial Threadwalk, World Ark-Business Journalist......)

    (At the peak of the announcement From Defiance Headquarters, (Bedrock in the Ark-Zone), colum by the Un-Sealing of Ark Forage City, (once called Ark Chaser City, avenued in the 2nd World Ark Era), Dole Goldfish, a new Ark-Offical elected during Shondu Consulate's Elections (big heart), and Godfather of Market Block Renewals, shocked Auditurium attendence, decreeing,....
    " Arkfall, Maxshop, and Faction Industries will be expanding their Equailent Exchage, which first will be available during Earth Republic's/ Central Horizon's Offensive Operations, that will center around Muir's Regional Supplier and Clan Association, and then Mastered during Operation Arkfalls (within Fort Violet.)
    "After The Fire Team's success, and Ark Forage City is unsealed, a Trade route will be born between Ark Forage City and Muir. When both the City and the Market in the City Ranks Level 10, (each level bar 1,000,000 exp before an expansion by contributions of all kinds), two Sections at the nearest Supply Vendors will be unlocked. Ark Traveler's World Market. Ark Hunters can visit the Ark's World Market, (that also have inventory a Buy/Sell Sector), and can select Gears, and other World Ark Goods, then choose the price in Scrip they wish to sell it for, (according to the Trading/Exchange Commission, and Regional Alliance/Muir's Regional Supplier's Market Value Rates), then hit Transport, and every Ark Hunter on the Ark in World Ark's Market, (under Buying), can purchase the Ark Goods for Sell, or even a Shipment Of Goods. However, it's Market Block may be daily restricted during, (Rank Level 1's), construction of twin beginnings. Max Shop Industries Productions, and ALL past Productions will also be unlocked, and all options of choice (Unlimited), but in level up Market fashion, with both Twin Market Expansions setting many road of ascensions."

    (Regional Executives, the Business Sector, Clan Respresentatives, AFIs, Corporate Operatives, and Ark-Merchants jumped up at the same time from development excitement, and Roars Of Debates thundered across the Boardwalk, with everyone speaking at the same time trying to either, get their point across, or bidding in the developments just bridged by Dole Goldfish.)

    (Tech Corp Officals said on the Ark-Net, new productions have re-developed The Map Flare (Pistol), that when fired in the Ark-Sky, a green circle appears on the Map as a Distress Signal, that activate new Spikes call Portal Spikes. So let's say the Fire Team's in a pinch, being pushed back, or need reinforcements, there must be a Ark-Scout outisde the entrance of the Target/Mine, who then fires the Map Flare. Once the Map Flare is fired, the Ark Hunter who's part of the Fire Team that's carrying the Portal Spikes, (and is in the Portal Ark's Illusion), will know the Map Flare's been fired when the Portal Spike's activated, and therefore plants the Portal Spike in the ground. That Portal Spike transform into a Portal, while Portals in every Ark Region is spawned, and World Of Defiance will be en-route, and will be able to spawn in the middle of the Illusion's battle as re-inforcements, but as long as that Portal Spike is protected. Though when i asked as an Ark-Journalist for a preview briefing, Ark-Net Connection was terminated.)

    (Turning to Page 4, a Heavy Trooper materialized, (Geared for Tank Battles), pausing eastern time short of Bushede and Associate's ebonics, spades with inspector five...)

    Heavy Trooper: "Received a distress signal."

    Bushede Jade: " What has taken place?"

    Heavy Trooper: "Operation Arkfall Documentry and Files were intercepted. Who? Briefing is on-going."

    Bushede Jade: "Were they aware, the Ark Grand Hall is expecting it's arrival, in schedule celebrated to math?"

    Heavy Trooper: "Indeed."

    ( Looks up from World Ark Newspaper...)

    Bushede Jade: " I see...Let Region Of Bloodbath know, wi'll be landing shortly."

    Heavy Trooper: " Understood."

    ( The Heavy Trooper subtracted take five's economics, as the Private Ark Plane lined up with Runaway Control descending......)

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    (World Ark's Ruling, (within), World Of Defiance.).....(Three Arkfall Months ago.., A Planet Ark Investingation)

    Arkfall's Board Of Directors, Arkfall Industries, AF's Npc Associations, Arena Rule Officals, (and pulled into the World Ark anomalies, were Ark-Intelligence and Lawkeeper Tuxedos, after the Crash of The Market Block, which prompt Regional Executives to gather for a Conference at Shondu's Consulate, (three Arkfall months ago), following a Grand Investingation)....,have found both, PVP Doomsday for manipulating New Arkfall Industry's Production Values, (that arrives on the Ark, or have arrived), as if creativity deleted of it's modest song's understanding, is previous as Market infinities, disturbing Regional Markets and Productions, thus then traveling to The Ark Grand Hall/The Forum demanding Modifications at once, based on Mock Battle's Results between Teams, (who's to prepare for PVO, (Player Verses Oppositions), PVP in it's truest Dawn, just in case), but during the pursuit of singleton personal satisfaction, remembrance threaded opposite existence...,
    And Ark Hunter Organizations, many Members within manner of Clan Organization Operating, but still falls under The Ark Hunter Association's Banner,..., petition by Arkfall's Npc Association for harrassing Regional, and World Ark's Developments Intentionally, (plans for restoring what was lost during the Pale Wars), and jin of many tastes, Regional Construction's in it's Level One Stages, which sparked anger amongst Ark-Civilians abroad who spoke with World Ark News, after the Ark Verdict, stating, "WE are the People Of The Ark! Stay out of World Ark's Affairs, or fall in line! That simple!"), guilty of allying with Reality's imaginations, injurying World Ark's Second Understanding, (within), the World Of Defiance.

    (PVO/Area Rule's President, A World Ark Executive from the 1st Ark Generation, PVP's Legendary Title Holder, One of Central Horizon's Executives, who's sitting in for Dole Goldfish, Scarr Note will be Ruling the Verdict, when it's upgraded details is announced, and along with Three other Regional Executives. Ruling's now debating the verdict.)

    (Defiance Headquarters and World Ark's Supreme Court have been observing it's following through Representatives at Shondu's Consulate)

    (Region Of Bloodbath)

    Arms adversary across his chest glazing through an Ark window, the Executive Of Bloodbath, (my employer), has boom, "Teleportation into Bloodbath will be suspended soon."

    When i asked how will Ark Travelers Flight to the Region, Kilowatt at the head of the Table, providing prints snowfalled," Auto Motor Industries sell Transportation to Ark Hunters and Ark Civilians for a reason. If Ark Travelers still want to travel to Bloodbath..., drive."

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    (Bloodbath Headquarters..).....,(President Of Arena Rule.., now Ruling.)

    Arkfall Board Of Directors, Arkfall Industry Executives, World Ark's Npc Association, Arena Rule Magnificence, Intelligence and Lawkeeper Tuxedos, The Ark Watch, Ark Hunter Associations, World Ark-Book-Keepers/Librarians, Muir's Business Elites, Py' Numbra Representation, and Conductor Of Water Temple's Shrine, (Protected from visual by a Shield Generator), formality, flocking Grit Fall's fore-tower, (along with Ark Grand Hall Masters written seated in attendence's citron, at the request of the People Of The Ark), with Ark-Civilians decorating The Call.

    Extreme Winds confounded breathing consistency befelling credits, shellrocking from Ark Months of hours. Ark-Civilians and Ark Hunters exchanging stares of phonics intensity, Scarr Note penetrated Grit Falls snow philosopher in focus Arkfall. Skelly and Morris, (Ark-Bodyguards), manually exhibition near exit vertical propositions, as Arena Rule First Legend's Nitro airborne........,

    (President Of Arena Rule: Scarr Note):
    " Nearing the end of June-Ark Ovations, Radar Quarters informed Cerebral, (Head Of The Ark Watch), a Starboard, (passager with Ark-Civilians), departed Orbit Stationary bound for the Ark. Made a detour a Month-Ark into their venture,(a Distress Beacon), but previously On-Screen, the're heading for the Ark, and will touch down in Silicon Valley. Ark-Civilians are returning to Silicon Valley to rebuild The Clan Hall, (one of two Projects), hence forth needing an Escort from Starboard's Landing, to the Construction Site, (by foot), and will require Protection, during the Construction Of Clan Hall. Which can take Weeks or Month Arks, sometimes an Ark-Rain/Year."

    " World Records Construction's Director has assured, the Clan Hall will be completed before The Ark Storm arrives, or during The Ark Storm. Agreed at Pale War's Victory Celebrations at Defiance Headquarters, (resinating within The Ark Zone), a few Month-Arks ago, when all hope seems lost, Py'Numbra, (Contacted by The Ark Grand Hall, and Py'Numbra Organization's Excellence well known on the Rock, so The Ark Six called a Dynasty), will arrive as Reinforcements."

    " ......, Pvp Doomsday and The Ark Hunter Association have been purgatory/sentenced to Escort Ark-civilians, (who's ready to depart Starboard's Landing Zone), to the Construction Site, (by foot). Once the first Ark-Civilians arrives to the Area under development, construction of the Clan Hall begins, and Protect Ark-Civilians during the construction of The Clan Hall."

    A Supply Route in Muir will be born, which Transports from Resources, Materials, Productions, Shipments Of All Kinds, Research Points, and Ammo Supplies, since every Ammo Brief Case/Crate within, or surrounding the Construction Of Clan Hall will be empty, and refilled on every Sucessfully Hourly Muir Transport Of Supplies received, that also have to be Protected while enroute to Clan Hall, a task head by Muir's Regional Supplier and Clan Association."

    " Opposition Area, Regional, World, Planet, and Ancient Bosses December open War, (and will Gear Up for Open Battle), if Construction Of Clan Hall is re-lived. Therefore, Ark-Civilians and During Construction Of Clan Hall's going to come under heavy fire, (pronouncing around the Ark-Clocks), until the Construction Of Clan Hall's finale, then all hell's going to break loose, reflections dreaded by The Ark Watch. Memories of moments, Dawns of Battle Checkmating Momentum, Areas, Regions, or even Silicon Valley as a Ark-State, can be declared a Pvp Zone, if Pvp Doomsday and The Ark Hunter Association loose too many Outposts, Villages, Towns, Cities, and Landmarks Of Interests that will be no longer Safe, (once construction succeeds), so Pvp Doomsday and The Ark Hunter Association have more than Two Frontiers to worry about it."

    (A Declared PvP Zone)
    " Tech Corp said ahead of World Records Construction's two Projections, the Ark Belt can't handle any more pressure to it's Core Gravitational, than what The Ark Storm Effecting's already hyper extending, and might generalized into Meltdown should open Battle materialize, which Safeguards Ark-Hunters from permanent Defeats, thus Respawning, or Revived by Med Bay Universal. If a PvP Zone's Throne, the following has taken place, or will take place in Silicon Valley....,"

    " The Ark Belt went into Meltdown, and now Dispelled/Disable, and can't be Repaired by Ark-Field Engineers, until Clan Hall's Constructed, and can only be repaired after First Researching, (Ark Belt's Regional Upgrade), and then Upgrading it to Regional Rank Level Two at the Clan Hall, before Ark-Engineers can attempt repairing the Ark Belt in Silicon Valley."

    " PvP Doomsday and The Ark Hunter Association becomes the Hunted."

    " Ark Hunters who falls Defeated in Battle, who are not revived in time, will be Dirt-Napped permanently, if Deal-Shot by World Ark's Opposition Forces, not Ark-Hunter between Ark-Hunter, but The Bounty Office inventory such authorization."

    " Opposition's Area, Regional, World, Planet, and Ancient World Ark Bosses can put Bounties on PvP Doomsdays, or Ark Hunter Association's Heads that can be accepted by Ark-Bounty Hunters, or Opposition Forces who comes after their Targets with Extreme Force, (even Bounties on Clans and Arena Rule Clans)"

    " 5-10 World Ark Opposition Bosses can Spawn to Battlefields, or each Battlefield at anytime"

    " Teleportation to, and within Silicon Valley will be suspended. However, if Silicon Valley as a whole's decleared a PvP Zone, Teleportation in and out of SV will be terminated, and Opposition Forces will be marching for Overpass Regionals, through Silicon Valley's only Mass Transportation Terminal."

    " Arkfalls, Seiges, Shadow Wars, Road-side Requests, Regional Missions, and Expeditions of that Silicon Valley's area Dawns, have been Conquered by Opposition's Faceoff, and replaced/heartbeat with their own Versions, giving Opposition Doors the ability to Spawn Shadow Wars as they sees fit, which is more Grand than Ark Hunter's Shadow Cause. Once Spawned, every Ark Chaser within it's Radius will be Trapped in Shadow's Memories. You may Enter, but Ark Travelers won't be invited to Exit's guarantee, and yes, Opposition's bringing the Heat, meaning, folder your hardware's suggestions, or fall defeated."

    " Opposition Arkfalls are Arkfall renewed within it's truest Doom. With the meltdown of The Ark Belt, horizon, The Arrival of Arkfall with Levels and Rank, or Leveling/Ranking against Ark Hunters, only to disappear, to re-appear later on daily, weekly, Monthly, or further in World Ark's Chronicles. Engaging with the Arkfall Boss before Five Minute's Arrival, can Spawn an Area, Regional, or World Boss, along with their Clan Association, to even up the World Ark Hunter Association's understanding, misunderstanding Arkfall's Truest Doors."

    " Ark Hunters are locked out of Market Blocks/Vendors within a PvP Zone. Oppositions are here by the new Mangement of that Market Block, thus sparing them access to our Gears and Productions, which they'll be able to Upgrade as re-telling."

    " Opposition's Beginning is bringing the Heat, and will no longer wait for Ark Hunters to come up with a Plan Of Operation, or Action."

    " Ark Travelers re-entering Silicon Valley, if Silcon Valley's been declared a PvP Zone as a whole in general, will be greeted with a black-out Map, now that Radar Quarters no longer belongs to The Ark Hunter Association, but can be re-lit as one venture further into Silcon Valley."

    " Ark Chaser's within Silicon Valley's PvP Zone, (as a whole Ark State), or already in Silicon Valley, Friendlist's Alliance will be disable, until Campaigns entering the Zone, or already in the PvP Zone, relights Map's Radar, which Friendlist's Alliances, (both Ark Hunters), lights a Path to each other's location, that will enable Teleportation, but to a certain extent, (Time-Limited Upon Clicking on who's wishes to teleport to who), and after Teleportation, Friendlist's Rights Of Passage is hereby disabled. There's a catch, in order for Time Limit's Invitation to Bridged, both Ark Travelers must be in Silicon Valley's PvP Zone. Not one within, and the other standing outside Valley's Border Front."

    Clan Hall Completion speaks of following Industry experience establishing Regionally, or Planetary......,

    Storage Inventory Inc:

    "With the Re-birth of Clan Hall, Storage Inventory Inc exposition, Ark Chasers will be able to gain Access to Regional Warehouses on the Ark, that could be accessible at the nearest Vendor Network with Clan Hall genealogy. Upon reaching decision what's to be Inventory in the Warehouse, hit Transport, then get to Muir before the Supply Truck's full, and departs for the Clan Hall. You have to Protect your Goods that's in Transport, which can be taken by Oppositions, who then can equip your Goods and either disappears, and reappears later on, or stay and do battle, and you'll be able recover your Shipment."
    "However, there's a limit to Inventory Slots for storing goods in each Region, and rightly so. World Ark's First Generation celebrated humble genius as Planet Ark Realism, as did True World Ark Travelers, exploring in their finest elegance. When the Shipment of Goods/Transport reaches the Clan Hall, it's Safe, fulfilling many Options to the Ark Hunters, based on how they wish to move their goods around Market Blocks, between Ark Hunters, Between Ark Hunter and Ark Civilians, or assist Regional Armories, but that's a private dialogue dominating Ark moments briefing time."

    (Only way all Goods in the Warehouse is lost, if Oppositions Conquers The Clan Hall)

    Quest Hall:

    " After Earth Republic Officals and later on Defiance Headquarters promoted Bloodbath's Battle Commander, (who's also Commander of Regional Alliance's Ranks), and Clan Association to Lead the Fire Teams, Quest Hall, Beacons Of Ark Raid Organizations and fore-fronts for the Bounty Office Headquarters in Bloodbath, including Max Shop Industries, joined Project Ascension as a Major Ark-Supporter, and since, have been situating it's influence in assisting Ark Travelers abroad, according to the People Of The Ark's true meaning, not Ark Chasers in general, being that Ark Hunter's Assets has been revoked, but not all Ark Travelers though."
    " Quest Hall's Beginning architecture administration of Area, Regional, World, and Planet Ark-Raids surrounding Central Horizon, Regional Alliance, Project Ascension, and World Ark's Pursuits cousin to the Second Understanding on the Ark. Additions is also an Ark-Civilian of Area, Regional, World, and Planet Contracts beyond normal aggreements between conductors. Ark Traveler's Quest Hall Devotion Ranks further in Graduating Arks, will unlock Regional Loyalties offically, an Economic needed to aquire Property Contracts, but for now, that's another population."

    (Quest Hall joins Py'Numbra as a Major Ark-Supporter, now Supporting Project Ascension. The Second of World Ark's 4th Generation)

    " Ark-Raids: Ark-Raid's instrumentality setting territorials, is divergent as Rare, Epic, Legendary or Legendaries, Supreme, Legacy, Super, Uncharted, Tower Ark, Ascension, and threading so forth, benefit in Levels or Leveling, Ranked or Ranking, which Sets it's own standards, reasons, and sunsets/settings, or spawns completed on arrival, gathering more than Ten Gear Hunter Parties, A Clan Organization, A Region, Arkfall Alliances, World Ark, or Planet Ark/A Whole Server, in order to textris plans of impact."
    "Arkfall Inc imperalism in The Ark/Earth Monthly, Rewardings/ Awarding is superior according to Ark Chaser's understanding incorporating during an Ark-Raid, nemesis or morpheus Broadway in conquering it's aftermath. Re-forecasted leopard's returned to it's mask, there exist Greetings for Ark Travelers seeking Ark-Raid Bosses out first, in pursuit of finishing endings, insead of tapping into Ark-Raid's poetry of World Ark's approaching appearance Awakenings."

    (A Chain Of Events Soon Followed)

    (Regional Ark-Opportunity)

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    The Saga (The 4th Project Ascension) will Continue into The 5th Project Ascension..........(May premier Before it's Arrival.....)

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