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    Hiding under my office chair from the terrifying Ark-hunters!
    Oh my, what have we done. Guess we had just a little too much fun. But what comes down, goes up again. Don't you worry about me my friend. The resist only made a mess of you. You wrecked your car and you cracked your tooth. Come and sing our sewer song. Where the meek get loud and the weak get strong. Brother my oldest friend. Pour yourself back up again. Don't you be no graveyard man. Time to finish what you began. The boots and rallies.
    I've heard that Defiance is substantially smoother now with less employees "running" the servers:

    I've also overheard Ark-hunters speaking German lately..

    Welcome to Defiance:

    ..And I'm off, excelsior!

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    All I saw in this two page post is blah blah blah someone bring me my crazy pills blah blah blah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushede Jade View Post
    (Bloodbath Headquarters..).....,(President Of Arena Rule.., now Ruling.)

    Arkfall Board Of Directors, Arkfall Industry Executives, World Ark's Npc Association, Arena Rule Magnificence, Intelligence and Lawkeeper Tuxedos, The Ark Watch, Ark Hunter Associations, World Ark-Book-Keepers/Librarians, Muir's Business Elites, Py' Numbra Representation, and Conductor Of Water Temple's Shrine, (Protected from visual by a Shield Generator), formality, flocking Grit Fall's fore-tower, (along with Ark Grand Hall Masters written seated in attendence's citron, at the request of the People Of The Ark), with Ark-Civilians decorating The Call.

    Extreme Winds confounded breathing consistency befelling credits, shellrocking from Ark Months of hours. Ark-Civilians and Ark Hunters exchanging stares of phonics intensity, Scarr Note penetrated Grit Falls snow philosopher in focus Arkfall. Skelly and Morris, (Ark-Bodyguards), manually exhibition near exit vertical propositions, as Arena Rule First Legend's Nitro airborne........,

    (President Of Arena Rule: Scarr Note):
    " Nearing the end of June-Ark Ovations, Radar Quarters informed Cerebral, (Head Of The Ark Watch), a Starboard, (passager with Ark-Civilians), departed Orbit Stationary bound for the Ark. Made a detour a Month-Ark into their venture,(a Distress Beacon), but previously On-Screen, the're heading for the Ark, and will touch down in Silicon Valley. Ark-Civilians are returning to Silicon Valley to rebuild The Clan Hall, (one of two Projects), hence forth needing an Escort from Starboard's Landing, to the Construction Site, (by foot), and will require Protection, during the Construction Of Clan Hall. Which can take Weeks or Month Arks, sometimes an Ark-Rain/Year."

    " World Records Construction's Director has assured, the Clan Hall will be completed before The Ark Storm arrives, or during The Ark Storm. Agreed at Pale War's Victory Celebrations at Defiance Headquarters, (resinating within The Ark Zone), a few Month-Arks ago, when all hope seems lost, Py'Numbra, (Contacted by The Ark Grand Hall, and Py'Numbra Organization's Excellence well known on the Rock, so The Ark Six called a Dynasty), will arrive as Reinforcements."

    " ......, Pvp Doomsday and The Ark Hunter Association have been purgatory/sentenced to Escort Ark-civilians, (who's ready to depart Starboard's Landing Zone), to the Construction Site, (by foot). Once the first Ark-Civilians arrives to the Area under development, construction of the Clan Hall begins, and Protect Ark-Civilians during the construction of The Clan Hall."

    A Supply Route in Muir will be born, which Transports from Resources, Materials, Productions, Shipments Of All Kinds, Research Points, and Ammo Supplies, since every Ammo Brief Case/Crate within, or surrounding the Construction Of Clan Hall will be empty, and refilled on every Sucessfully Hourly Muir Transport Of Supplies received, that also have to be Protected while enroute to Clan Hall, a task head by Muir's Regional Supplier and Clan Association."

    " Opposition Area, Regional, World, Planet, and Ancient Bosses December open War, (and will Gear Up for Open Battle), if Construction Of Clan Hall is re-lived. Therefore, Ark-Civilians and During Construction Of Clan Hall's going to come under heavy fire, (pronouncing around the Ark-Clocks), until the Construction Of Clan Hall's finale, then all hell's going to break loose, reflections dreaded by The Ark Watch. Memories of moments, Dawns of Battle Checkmating Momentum, Areas, Regions, or even Silicon Valley as a Ark-State, can be declared a Pvp Zone, if Pvp Doomsday and The Ark Hunter Association loose too many Outposts, Villages, Towns, Cities, and Landmarks Of Interests that will be no longer Safe, (once construction succeeds), so Pvp Doomsday and The Ark Hunter Association have more than Two Frontiers to worry about it."

    (A Declared PvP Zone)
    " Tech Corp said ahead of World Records Construction's two Projections, the Ark Belt can't handle any more pressure to it's Core Gravitational, than what The Ark Storm Effecting's already hyper extending, and might generalized into Meltdown should open Battle materialize, which Safeguards Ark-Hunters from permanent Defeats, thus Respawning, or Revived by Med Bay Universal. If a PvP Zone's Throne, the following has taken place, or will take place in Silicon Valley....,"

    " The Ark Belt went into Meltdown, and now Dispelled/Disable, and can't be Repaired by Ark-Field Engineers, until Clan Hall's Constructed, and can only be repaired after First Researching, (Ark Belt's Regional Upgrade), and then Upgrading it to Regional Rank Level Two at the Clan Hall, before Ark-Engineers can attempt repairing the Ark Belt in Silicon Valley."

    " PvP Doomsday and The Ark Hunter Association becomes the Hunted."

    " Ark Hunters who falls Defeated in Battle, who are not revived in time, will be Dirt-Napped permanently, if Deal-Shot by World Ark's Opposition Forces, not Ark-Hunter between Ark-Hunter, but The Bounty Office inventory such authorization."

    " Opposition's Area, Regional, World, Planet, and Ancient World Ark Bosses can put Bounties on PvP Doomsdays, or Ark Hunter Association's Heads that can be accepted by Ark-Bounty Hunters, or Opposition Forces who comes after their Targets with Extreme Force, (even Bounties on Clans and Arena Rule Clans)"

    " 5-10 World Ark Opposition Bosses can Spawn to Battlefields, or each Battlefield at anytime"

    " Teleportation to, and within Silicon Valley will be suspended. However, if Silicon Valley as a whole's decleared a PvP Zone, Teleportation in and out of SV will be terminated, and Opposition Forces will be marching for Overpass Regionals, through Silicon Valley's only Mass Transportation Terminal."

    " Arkfalls, Seiges, Shadow Wars, Road-side Requests, Regional Missions, and Expeditions of that Silicon Valley's area Dawns, have been Conquered by Opposition's Faceoff, and replaced/heartbeat with their own Versions, giving Opposition Doors the ability to Spawn Shadow Wars as they sees fit, which is more Grand than Ark Hunter's Shadow Cause. Once Spawned, every Ark Chaser within it's Radius will be Trapped in Shadow's Memories. You may Enter, but Ark Travelers won't be invited to Exit's guarantee, and yes, Opposition's bringing the Heat, meaning, folder your hardware's suggestions, or fall defeated."

    " Opposition Arkfalls are Arkfall renewed within it's truest Doom. With the meltdown of The Ark Belt, horizon, The Arrival of Arkfall with Levels and Rank, or Leveling/Ranking against Ark Hunters, only to disappear, to re-appear later on daily, weekly, Monthly, or further in World Ark's Chronicles. Engaging with the Arkfall Boss before Five Minute's Arrival, can Spawn an Area, Regional, or World Boss, along with their Clan Association, to even up the World Ark Hunter Association's understanding, misunderstanding Arkfall's Truest Doors."

    " Ark Hunters are locked out of Market Blocks/Vendors within a PvP Zone. Oppositions are here by the new Mangement of that Market Block, thus sparing them access to our Gears and Productions, which they'll be able to Upgrade as re-telling."

    " Opposition's Beginning is bringing the Heat, and will no longer wait for Ark Hunters to come up with a Plan Of Operation, or Action."

    " Ark Travelers re-entering Silicon Valley, if Silcon Valley's been declared a PvP Zone as a whole in general, will be greeted with a black-out Map, now that Radar Quarters no longer belongs to The Ark Hunter Association, but can be re-lit as one venture further into Silcon Valley."

    " Ark Chaser's within Silicon Valley's PvP Zone, (as a whole Ark State), or already in Silicon Valley, Friendlist's Alliance will be disable, until Campaigns entering the Zone, or already in the PvP Zone, relights Map's Radar, which Friendlist's Alliances, (both Ark Hunters), lights a Path to each other's location, that will enable Teleportation, but to a certain extent, (Time-Limited Upon Clicking on who's wishes to teleport to who), and after Teleportation, Friendlist's Rights Of Passage is hereby disabled. There's a catch, in order for Time Limit's Invitation to Bridged, both Ark Travelers must be in Silicon Valley's PvP Zone. Not one within, and the other standing outside Valley's Border Front."

    Clan Hall Completion speaks of following Industry experience establishing Regionally, or Planetary......,

    Storage Inventory Inc:

    "With the Re-birth of Clan Hall, Storage Inventory Inc exposition, Ark Chasers will be able to gain Access to Regional Warehouses on the Ark, that could be accessible at the nearest Vendor Network with Clan Hall genealogy. Upon reaching decision what's to be Inventory in the Warehouse, hit Transport, then get to Muir before the Supply Truck's full, and departs for the Clan Hall. You have to Protect your Goods that's in Transport, which can be taken by Oppositions, who then can equip your Goods and either disappears, and reappears later on, or stay and do battle, and you'll be able recover your Shipment."
    "However, there's a limit to Inventory Slots for storing goods in each Region, and rightly so. World Ark's First Generation celebrated humble genius as Planet Ark Realism, as did True World Ark Travelers, exploring in their finest elegance. When the Shipment of Goods/Transport reaches the Clan Hall, it's Safe, fulfilling many Options to the Ark Hunters, based on how they wish to move their goods around Market Blocks, between Ark Hunters, Between Ark Hunter and Ark Civilians, or assist Regional Armories, but that's a private dialogue dominating Ark moments briefing time."

    (Only way all Goods in the Warehouse is lost, if Oppositions Conquers The Clan Hall)

    Quest Hall:

    " After Earth Republic Officals and later on Defiance Headquarters promoted Bloodbath's Battle Commander, (who's also Commander of Regional Alliance's Ranks), and Clan Association to Lead the Fire Teams, Quest Hall, Beacons Of Ark Raid Organizations and fore-fronts for the Bounty Office Headquarters in Bloodbath, including Max Shop Industries, joined Project Ascension as a Major Ark-Supporter, and since, have been situating it's influence in assisting Ark Travelers abroad, according to the People Of The Ark's true meaning, not Ark Chasers in general, being that Ark Hunter's Assets has been revoked, but not all Ark Travelers though."
    " Quest Hall's Beginning architecture administration of Area, Regional, World, and Planet Ark-Raids surrounding Central Horizon, Regional Alliance, Project Ascension, and World Ark's Pursuits cousin to the Second Understanding on the Ark. Additions is also an Ark-Civilian of Area, Regional, World, and Planet Contracts beyond normal aggreements between conductors. Ark Traveler's Quest Hall Devotion Ranks further in Graduating Arks, will unlock Regional Loyalties offically, an Economic needed to aquire Property Contracts, but for now, that's another population."

    (Quest Hall joins Py'Numbra as a Major Ark-Supporter, now Supporting Project Ascension. The Second of World Ark's 4th Generation)

    " Ark-Raids: Ark-Raid's instrumentality setting territorials, is divergent as Rare, Epic, Legendary or Legendaries, Supreme, Legacy, Super, Uncharted, Tower Ark, Ascension, and threading so forth, benefit in Levels or Leveling, Ranked or Ranking, which Sets it's own standards, reasons, and sunsets/settings, or spawns completed on arrival, gathering more than Ten Gear Hunter Parties, A Clan Organization, A Region, Arkfall Alliances, World Ark, or Planet Ark/A Whole Server, in order to textris plans of impact."
    "Arkfall Inc imperalism in The Ark/Earth Monthly, Rewardings/ Awarding is superior according to Ark Chaser's understanding incorporating during an Ark-Raid, nemesis or morpheus Broadway in conquering it's aftermath. Re-forecasted leopard's returned to it's mask, there exist Greetings for Ark Travelers seeking Ark-Raid Bosses out first, in pursuit of finishing endings, insead of tapping into Ark-Raid's poetry of World Ark's approaching appearance Awakenings."

    (A Chain Of Events Soon Followed)

    (Regional Ark-Opportunity)
    Ark Universal Ark Timeline: 2050

    Presentation opportunity of Regional Investor's Supplyline Decision Transport, Awarding A Regional Warehouse Certification in Front Of The Portal, Tank Riot, (President Of Arena Rule And Clan Association), civic turbulence before the Portal. Entering Defiance Universal Progression, Riot and Clan Association polyester down in Water Temple, (heading to Water Temple Shrine), to Visitation Conductor Of Water Temple Shrine, Auditor of SV (as a Whole) Events creeping.., leaving a Trail for Glitter Lights and Clan Organization, and The Chaos Crew Clan Organization, Together, With PvP Doomsday not distance behind....,

    (A Chain Of Defiance Universal Events Soon Followed).....

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    ( To Be Continuation In The 5th Project Ascension.., However.., Following Defiance Universal Events, (within Defiance Universal/The Game), Continuation)...,

    (End Of The 4th Project Ascension. Please Lock. Many, Many, Thanks To All Of The 4th Project Ascension. Central Horizon, Regional Alliance).............

    (Takes A Seat Pouring Self, Regional Alliance, Heishiro, Sooty, Cobra Combo Breaker, Scientist, King, Dragons Maiden, Salemx: Protect Ascension and Regional Alliance's Universal Ark Reporter, Arkfall Board Of Directors, Glitter Lights And Clan Organization, Grits, Scarr Note, Skelly, Morris, Shades, Kilowatt, Pandora Claw, Desert Claw, Ten Fu, Numbers, Tank Riot, Feather Moon, Cerebral, North Fist, First President Of The Ark, And Many Others A Cup Of Tea, Taking A Seat).....

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