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Thread: 4 replays open

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    4 replays open

    Does that mean I defeated the game? Is all that's left is PVP?

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    Is "The Guiding Light" the last episode?

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    You defeat the game when you destroy Nim Shondu. The other stuff was cross over content with the tv show.
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    thanks for replying. I am not sure if I did that or not. lol I defeated some dude when i was @ ego 3100 after which the 4th replay appeared. I have seen where it looks like there might be some other hidden stuff in the game and curiosity drives me to investigate. I'm not very good at the PVP as it is set at an unfair advantage against all the 6000 people. I do like the game but was hoping to take more than just 2 months to defeat it. Now it's like 99 percent of the time I am doing the same thing over and over and over lol and I'm still only around 4500

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    After you complete the story line that's pretty much it for the "game" itself. Now you are ready to play expeditions until your eyes bleed and thumbs break and not get decent gear to drop and you burn through all your hunter reqs. Or you can chase major ark falls during events with a 0.000001% chance of getting a jackpot. Then if you do get one, there is a 0.000001% chance that it will actually be one you want to use. Or, you can level up to 6k and then start trolling all the "noobs" in zone. Feeling lucky? Spend yuo hard earned cash in the bit store for an extremely low chance at a jp rig, chip, t5 mod or jackpot. So really, up to you as to how you play the game from here on out. Basically you are right, it will become very repetitive from here on out. Best thing I could suggest would be to join a clan, make some good friends and enjoy the grind. I think for most players that have played for a while the game itself is fun, but the friends in it keep us returning. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now.
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    An easy way to know if you have beaten the game.
    Check to see if you have the title "Hero of Paradise"

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