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    t4 stocks & scopes for sale

    All mods are t4 unless marked

    acquisition system-assn, se, cann, sust suppr
    advanced scope-ps, cn, ce, gren, cann, stlkr, qtrm, hp, se, r&g, mg, id, nvf
    assault scope-hp(2), nvf(2), fop, ego, sp, cann, mm(2), st, r&g, EA(2)
    force accelerator-7th(2), fop(2), stlkr(2), aa(2), ego(2), gren, r&g
    launch scope-assn, cann
    marksman scope-r&g, heartbreaker, 7th, se, prep, gren, ea, mg
    marksman scope-7th (T5)
    mobile adj scope-sat, ego, merc, qtrm(2), assn, cann(2), rt(2), r&g, nvf, scav, prep, gren
    rapid acquisition system-stlkr, hb
    scatter scope-fop, hb, se, ep, stlkr, prep, 7th, rt, ea
    scatter scope-aa (T5)(hold for r1p)
    sharpshooter scope-sat, id, heartbreaker
    shotgun hip spread-rt, hb, purge, prep, 7th, merc, ep, id, ea, qtrm
    stab site-hb, assn, nvf, se, sb
    tachyon projector-rt, qtrm
    target recovery system-merc
    telescopic site-id

    bio stabilizer-gren, r&g, assn(2), ego, rt, prep, qtrm, cann(2)
    bionetic amplifier-ps, gren
    external recoil reducer-ego, qtrm, mg
    1st stage booster-hb, ep, heartbreaker, r&g
    recoil buttstock-ea, prep, mg, rt(2), merc, fop
    recoil dampener-assn(2), ic, qtrm, rt, nvf, aa, r&g, 7th, scav
    sledge arm-hb, gren, assn, merc, r&g, 7th, mm(2), scav, nvf
    sniper recoil stock-r&g, ego, cann, ea
    tight guidance system-merc

    - thanks for looking
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    Hi. I llbuy this mods. Thanks
    Marksman - mg
    Sniper recoil - mg
    PSN: A-Abe_
    Abe Abraham -> Road to e6k

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