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    WTS Impact Shroud Bio 30m OBO

    Wts Wtb Stuff
    In game search Argus88

    Impact Shroud Bio 30m OBO

    Mods (T4)
    CN Hcm Ar
    CN Srain Expander Mag Inf
    CN Strain Reducer Mag Inf

    Chips (Offer)
    T6 Dmg Intensifier Lmg
    T5 Blur Accelerator
    T5 Radiation Intensifier
    T5 Mag Augmentor Lmg
    T5 Recoil Dampener
    T6 Shield Disruptor

    T5 or 6 Master Of The Universe or T6 Nvf Smg
    T5 or 6 Pandemic
    T3 or 4 MM RL mag

    T6 Purga t5ed 2x dmg
    2 T6 IC Survivor
    2 T5 Guardian Angel
    T6 Vot Mass t6 dmg
    2 Warped defender
    2 Flux Dome
    T5 Hib AR t4ed
    T5 Nvf Smg t4ed
    T5 Chrysallis t4ed
    2 T5 Pos Extractor t4ed
    T5 Boson t4ed
    T5 Hema t4ed
    T5 Hurricane Survivor
    T5 Rhino Survivor
    T5 Hib Battery t4ed
    T5 Mag Augmentor Chip Ar

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    Would u consider trading ur impact for another impact? I have some other stuff to add if need be

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    Hey bud I am selling a T5 pan and I'll see you in game.

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