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    Expedition - hidden boss or enemy

    That glitch is in caves. For example hellbugs : When I'm soloing hellbug hunt there is often glitch that cause neverending expedition ( task : kill hellbug is still active , but I'm sure that I've killed everyone ) . Is there way to fix it by player ? No reentering or reseting round?

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    Ik this thread is 3 months old, but i just yesterday had the almos the same. It was at the boss room and i killed everything, but the "kill hellbugs" task was still on, i even shoot the blue crystals. And after about 5 minutes of running around i noticed a hellbug cocoon and it was glowing. I opened it, and the timer started to leave the area. So yeah... i was blind af XD Maybe u had the same problem?

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    I've had this happen. if its a hivelord he sometimes shoots crystals into the wall. most times if your looking up the ramp in the cave to the left, you might see a little piece poking out. or if you get the gate to the boat they spawn and sit way in the back behind the blue wall. when this happens to me i just shoot around with a brood lobber and the bugs take care of it most times.

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