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    Outbreak Testing Schedule

    Hey folks! We got set test times for the new event, Outbreak!

    Tuesday, April 18th: 8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific.

    Thursday, April 20th: 2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific.

    Tuesday, April 25th: 8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific.
    Thursday, April 27th: 2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific.

    If additional testing is needed, it will be posted here!

    We will be keeping track of those who participate, and rewarding them when the event goes live! Players who test multiple days and provide feedback will recieve 3x rewards! Feedback can be what you did or didnt like, suggestions/observations, bug reports etc.

    Feel free to post your Feedback from the scheduled testing here!
    (Please only reply feedback in this thread if you were at the scheduled testing)

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    Testing tonight! Be sure to update before then!

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    Did not seem to be a lot of mobs at the events, but that might have been because there were only about 30 people there..

    Seemed pretty easy to kill the mobs and i don't think it took us very long to do them. Think it should be tougher and more mobs. The minis to the majors seemed tight quartered. During an event there are gonna be a lot of people there just seemed like there was no room to move around.

    If it was just the mechanics of the game then so be it. I did notice that one of the Hulker's did not even movem @lastchance event, although i did notice he had bio at his feet but usually they still move, this one did not.

    It would be nice on live to have the events at some of the same places we just did Last Chance for example. Move them around a bit, again if it is game mechanics then it is what it is. Would be a nice change.

    Ok will be at the 25th testing but will be a little after 8. Do not get out of work till 8 Est, was home today so was able to make this one.

    Thanks for taking the time to test out the up coming event.

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    Clean Sweep the Runs were. Scaling need to be more higher. Comparing the amount of players @ PTS versus Live. They'll die faster at live with the current scaling. As usual to be honest.

    But its fun. HUlkers Spawning at the end I think more mobs around during it will make it even more fun
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    i would really like to see a randomized boss at the final OR a couple of different bosses. I'm sure i aint the only person tired of seeing hulkers at the end i'm not saying to take them out by any means, just dont have them as the "end bosses" so to speak. Dekuso with a few of his offspring for example or a couple of hellions, a bit more of a "suprise" at the end would b nice.... I personally dislike shrill and the way it is atm it is a bit too close to looking like the HH event.
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    Mobs need more health/armor plates, obstacles are to close at minors and finals, hulkers were spawning on and at back of trucks preventing them from moving at times, need more mobs at minors/finals. Seemed liked a rehashed HH event with new syn being only change. Also liked the few major spawn sites that aren't in live.

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    Overall time to complete event was good compared to event horizon (too long). Timing of enemies seem off - sometimes there are none and other times plenty. Minors went down really fast, maybe too fast. Reduce number of exploding barrels.

    Would love to see something brand spanking new for future event.

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    Feels like a New Frontier/HulkerHell mashup. As it is the mobs are a bit too squishy whence the nodes are over really quickly. If they could be scaled to how hard Event Horizon was when it first started that would be great. With it tailoring down a notch when theirs less people in the off-peak hours. I felt that even though people first complained about the difficulty of Event Horizon at the start most changed there play style and started enjoying the challenge.
    Where i was in one of the far corners during the 3rd major we tested, all the Hulkers were spawning beside the truck and even though it looked like they had room to move away, they didnt or couldn't. Possibly due to placement of other things.
    Cant wait to test the new Synergy.

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    This is based on a full 5 node plus final solo run and the test period.

    I will feel the nodes are a bit crowded, there a lot of obstacles, I like this, but in balance this seems to favor certain weapons overly much. Also in the nodes, the leeches need to be limited to no later than Wave4. Their appearance in/after wave5 slows down the nodes unnaturally. I have seen all enemies cleared, then wait 10-20 seconds for a leech... then another 10-20 seconds for another, it just feels off. I also felt that the nodes fell FAR too quickly. During the test period one fell in @2 minutes for 5 waves, that's way too fast. Also, some Hellbug majors have a random monarch show up at the nodes, I think this would be a good addition to SOME of the nodes in the new event, meaning a random chance a Hulker will show up at any given node.

    Finals also seem to fall fast. I recognize they can be scaled up, but in balance I think some real world application should be considered. Weapon platforms are usually prioritized for one application or the other. A heavy hitter usually has lower defenses, and a weapon with powerful defenses rarely has high damage potential when measured per shot. In that thought the balance of enemies is ok, and encourages a scattered and mixed fighting style. I feel though the hulkers should appear more randomly during the fight. Not 7 minutes of X then balance of Y, but more heavy hitters overall, but less on the field at a time, a broader mix of hard hitting, but weaker targets blended with heavily armored, but weakly offensive enemies. Bring in a hulker a minute or two in, then a few more later as it progresses, and so on.

    I did VERY much enjoy the new fall locations. The variety changed the feel of the events a bit, more distractions going on forced a visual adjustment.

    In a few nodes/finals the placement of the reload crates felt better placed. Maybe this was my imagination though. A 4-5 point spacing would be nice. NSEW/C would be nice and balanced. Two boxes N and two boxes S feels unnatural, and leads to potential spawn camping.

    I liked the overall blend of enemies. Fast moving and slow moving, helps mix up the overall play style.

    I really would have liked a genuine boss enemy. The core three majors have a main boss, and this is great. The Matron was awesome too. Introducing a new shrill or plaguer hive enemy would have been super awesome. Like you play for 10-ish minutes of weaker-ish enemies; shrill, mutants, plaguers, etc, then a malformed mass (hellion based?, multiple target points) shows up, and you have to take it out, THEN/during more waves of weaker-ish enemies show up.

    Additionally, taking a note from the Event Horizon event:
    Lock the enemies travel radius. I did not see an issue in the testing period relative to this.
    Set the enemies "memory" to a shorter period. I did not experience this in this event, but please don't carry over the same idea that I can die or teleport away, then come back to several enemies that instantly turn on me because I caused 2 damage to them 30 seconds ago.

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    I agree with the general consensus that it was a little too easy. Didn't notice any bugs though.

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