I can see everyone's point of view in this thread (I think ).

I agree, it's not the most exciting or informative official forum post.
If this forum was really active with lots of posts from the Dev Team, I'm sure most players would have been quite OK with it.
I think, Kerilar was just trying to say something funny (I do that too, sometimes ).

Trying to think as a developer now

He might have seen the thread title and thought:
“Oh, I wonder if there is some bug / glitch / issue with the 99ers that I can look into”
And then ... “Hmm, OK, I'm a bit bored, I'll just make a humorous post.”

He might have been doing research on the 99ers for upcoming new mission / map / event or whatever, and decided to make a facetious remark while he was on this thread.

As a “Content Designer” I don't know if bug fixes / glitches come into his purview that much (it's hard to know how they assign tasks within the team).